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Conversation on What Noahides were Meant to be

From Dr. Michael Dallen:   I think what this article misses is that the system as G'd has given it to mankind requires BN not just to take up the 7M but to bless Israel. That is, if they seek G'd's blessing. You can't disassociate the 7M from Genesis, whether you regard this as an accident of history or as Providence. What we've got, in other words, is a whole system, a complete thing here, including certain knowledge that Israel has a special role to play among her brother Noahides.  

Humbly, as one of our blog correspondents always signs himself off,   MD  

Response by the author of the article, Rabbi Dr. Michael Katz:  

In a message dated 10/31/2006 10:32:54 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, M613K writes:

Well, that would tie in with the first school of thought that I presented.  But I don't think it fits with the second school of thought.  Were the citizens of Shechem mindful of this.  Before Jacob and his family came to visit, did they express any love for Israel (let us say, the family of Abraham.)?

Dr. Michael Dallen back to Rabbi Katz:  

They showed a certain affection for Dinah before they met her folks.  

I'm saying that, whatever the system mighta, coulda, maybe shoulda been, today the only way to acquire the 7M in any sort of coherent way is thru the Hebrew Tradition - i.e., the Biblical tradition. So the rest is academic. With the 7M you get the whole of Genesis, the teachings of the Bible, and the rest of human history, especially including Israel's history, including the news - which, actually, would be implicit in the barebones 7M anyway, coming from HaShem, since of course G'd will bless those who bless the men and women who incarnate His Way - that the people of Israel perform a unique service for Him and man on earth. 


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