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Introducing the First Covenant

Central to the main organizing purpose of the Bible, the First Covenant is the living heart of all true religion, including every logical, moral teaching in the Bible.


  • The Gentiles Who Act Like Jews by Ilana E. Straus in Tablet, the online magazine, January 26, 2016
  • First Covenant members' goals and comments
  • Friedrich Nietzsche, by M. Dallen
  • Psalm 119
  • The Politics of Revelation - By Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
  • How Odd of God: The Torah-system at work: life stories - from Abraham to Einstein, Paula Abdul, "Captain Kirk," "Indiana Jones." etc.
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    First Covenant spirituality and observance

    In ancient times the Children of Israel called them "God-fearers." In modern times, after the Holocaust and destruction of the Jews in Europe, Israel calls the heroic souls who tried to save their fellows from the Nazis' genocide "righteous gentiles." The righteous men and women of every nation, according to the Torah, are blessed. Today, those who consciously try to keep the First or Universal Covenant are frequently called Noahides.







    Biblical studies/Torah studies

    Suppose you come from the vast majority of humankind, the more than 99.75 percent of humanity which isn't Jewish. In Hebrew thinking, you're a gentile, a Noahide, one of the non-Hebrew descendants of Noah. One who studies the First Covenant sincerely, in order to do God's will, receives infinite blessing.







    From Genesis to 9/11, Islam, Israel,
    and Amalek



    • Six Children Died Today  from Pearls Before Swine,
      by Stephen Pastis (comic strip, from the daily newspaper)
    • Judaism, a tongue-in-cheek definition from The Onion Book of Known Knowledge, a Definitive Encyclopaedia of Existing Knowledge in 27 Excruciating Volumes, 2012




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