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May 2024
Vol. 17.8

Philistines, Noachides, and Israel - [Map: The Green is the Arab World. That Tiny Speck is Israel.] They're saying, "Israel is the Goliath and Palestine is David." And "Jewish Messianics" (a/k/a believing Jews). Imagine, suipporting Arab Palestinians' claims that the Jews' Holy Land is really theirs! "Somethng weird is going on. People will marvel about it till the end of time"... and more
April 2024
Vol. 17.7
We are the Party of Freedom....and more
March 2024
Vol. 17.6

Einstein and Gaza.... Agnostic Einstein stumbling upon traces of "the infinitely superior spirit" coursing through "the incomprehensible cosmos," venerating the "superior reasoning power" he discovers, but still falling prey to "Newtonian" errors... ironically, errors that Sir Isaac Newton himself, a disciple of Maimonides, avoided... Concerning my own stubbornly skeptical journey to conscious service to that Power... "Then We Had a War"- the information power of the Six Day War and the wonderful educational value of the Arab world's disgraceful struggle to erase the one nation on earth that's guaranteed to be eternal... Amalek, the Anti-Semite - the evil cosmic force that's not all bad... Busting the Arabs' con; simple, obvious solutions to "these intractable problems"....and more

Februrary 2024 Vol.17.5

Cracking the Arabs' Palestine Scam....and more

January 2024 Vol. 17.4 Incontrovertible.. Want incontrovertible, indisputable proof of an inhuman world-historical conspiracy against the re-establishment of the People of Israel in the Land of Israel? Check. The Arab countries' cruel heedless malevolence: breath-taking. We explore solutions ("What Do We Do Now?") Earth's fate depends on getting this right... Plus, an addendum, "People Have Asked," how to help Israel in crisis: some practical suggestions... and more
December 2023 Vol. 17.3 Crying 'War Crime' against the Children of Israel liberating the Land of Israel is so ridiculous, we're evidently living in sacred time, in the era of new Biblical Books. But Gentile philosophers have been thoroughly crazy, as you'll see in "Philosophers" "Philosophers on Law" on Divine versus man-made law - and more ridiculous treatment by philosophers. "Milk and Meat" exemplifies one kind of Divine law; "Expel the Aliens" (Numbers 33) a Law with a clear rationale and obvious context. Discussing Amalek. "The Arab League Conspiracy" to knowingly sacrifice a whole people in the genuinely stupid cause of annihilating Israel. "From Time Immemorial," Palestinianism obscures the vivid fulfillment of remarkable prophecies. "Lies and More Lies" about Palestinianism. "The Arab League" explores the nature of the fraud and the Arabs' need to fix their own disaster. "After October Seventh," revealing the ridiculousness of the Two-State Solution Land-for-Peace ideas. If we wish the "Palestinians" well, help free them from their brothers' evil plot. "Solutions": evil won't succeed. Resettling the Jew-haters where they can make something of themselves and work and help make the world more livable will show mankind a way to successfully handle other migrations and mass movements of difficult people with unlovable cultures... and more.
November 2023 Vol. 17.2 "Palestinians Over God, International Law and Eretz Israel. Israel becoming re-established in the Land of Israel, which seems to be prophecy fulfilled, is alleged to be, basically, a war crime, violating International Law. We analyze that here....and more.

October 2023
Vol. 17.1

Middle East Game Plan - now we're engaged (again) in a great war... Specifically pertinent prophetic teachings; including "pins in your eyes and thorns in your sides". (Those who hate Israel needn't live in Israel.) Amalek, the anti-Israel... General Scriptural principles, particularly pertinent right now... Laws for Noachides... Noachides in the Land of Israel, legal standards, requirements and violations. Godly Worshipfulness - Techniques. Follow-up from Last Month. Dialogue with Jewish people's Conservative and Reform movements... and more.
September 2023 - Vol. 16.5 Salvation Coming! Earth's future bright! Getting real. To "recognize and know" the LORD is a discipline and a goal. Ad Astra, To the Stars. Noachides and the Sabbath. Noachides dear to God. Sacred tools and techniques - let's hear from you. The world's birthday: Happy New Year! More
August 2023 - Vol. 16.4
Noachide Sabbath - Colloquy involving Dr. Robert Buxbaum, Rabbi Michael Katz and Michael Dallen. Should a Noachide, a non-Jew, celebrate or keep a Sabbath (Shabbos)? If so, when and how and why? A coversation... and more
July 2023 - Vol. 16.3

Prosperity Gospel - Four different promises - absolute Divine promises of direct reward for good conduct - applying to everyone of every nation. Leviticus 18, "I AM THE LORD." Genesis 12:3, "I will bless them that bless you." Psalm 41, Proverbs 19, "THE LORD will deliver him..." (here's Prosperity Gospel with a bite!). Psalm 92, respecting God's surpassing mighty holiness.and more

June 2023 - Vol. 16.2 Eternal: the Seven Noachide Commandments. The "Justice" Commandment, dinim, the "pro-government" Commandment. No messiah/no "redemption," will diminish or end human obligations and privileges to establish, defend, maintain and perfect good government. Don't expect the obliteration of politics - nor of deluded self-interest - or controversy in the future; don't expect the obliteration of work. Noachides and Jewish input regarding government. Book review: Dr. Robert Buxbaum reviews "Existential Physics; a scientist's guide to life's biggest questions." Author a self-described "agnostic heathen," calling monotheism "child abuse" and positing, instead of a Creator, an "an inflateon." The negative dogmatism of the modern academy. Finally, a short obituary of Harvard astronomer Owen Gingerich, died May 28, 2023. Late beloved scientist insisting that "a super-intelligent Creator exists beyond and within the cosmos".... and more
March 2023 - Vol.16.1

If God Does Not Exist (If God does not exist, nothing matters. If God does exist, nothing else matters)
Proving the case for God .... Apocalypse: Nice future or weird Gentile fever dreams? ... God's Personality"... God's Fury ("Fury is not in Me") .... Ukraine... Messiah and the Future ... Amalek, the Anti-Israel, Haman and Hitler ... and more

January/February - Vol. 15.3 Agents of the Revolution. "Servants of HaShem." This is how the Hebrew Revolution works. See the people: Amar'e Stoudemire, athlete in Israel, and - may they rest in peace, Dr. Andrew Brooks and Larry King...The Book of Joshua: " God choose his servants from who's available". Joshua's a general and a Jewish George Washington but not a Shakespeare or Lincoln, and certainly not a Moses. By the end of Joshua you see that institutionalizing the Hebrew Revolution after Moses is going to be a slog.... "Next Issue, Judges": Israel usually skips over most of Scripture (you can see from this listing of what's read when), but there's priceless information for Noachides and Jews to learn from there.... Stay tuned for some fresh lessons from Judges, Samuel and Kings.... And more
December 2020 - Vol. 15.2 Saul Was a Jerk - King Saul was a Jerk. Rabbi Michael Katz doesn't like such talk but Saul was a Divine joke on Israel. The Lord's anointed, he did well for a while, but hung on stubbornly and lawlessly past his time, committing awful crimes, and bringing down a terrible military catastrophe on Israel. The prophet Samuel lectured Israel on the evils of monarchy - the Torah commands Israel to establish a good government, not tyranny - and his languagein this Scripture helped spark America's Revolution. Israel picked a monarch who was a booby prize, George Washington without the substance, and Israel is still arguing about what deferencse is due... and more.
October 2020 - Vol. 15.1 Owns Everything? - Conversation: Deity is Knowable (Isaac Newton Tbought so. (Discussion with skeptical Noahides). Owns Everything? (God is the Ba'al, the Possessor?). 'Vanity' in the Book of Ecclesiastes. God's Eyes (What's the ancient liturgy getting at?). "Congregation of Peoples"from Isaac'sancient prophetic blessing, and More
September 2020 - Vol 14.12 Life After Death -What Happens When You Die? What Is the Essence of a Human Being? … Dust. Wind. Liquid. Nefesh. Sheol. Fire. Heaven. Neshama. Soul of Fire. God’s Coming Name. Kaddish… and More
August 2020 - Vol. 14.11 The Natural Condition of Mankind: extremely high level God-consciousness. (Sixth and seventh Month of the Plague.) "Faith" is confidence in rational analysis. Pagan skeptics, philosophers and clergy - and their remarkable evidentiary double-standards brought to bear against overwhelming proofs - the more you learn, the more you know and the more you see - that HaShem, God, is Who He says He is... and More
July 2020 Vol. 14.10

Fifth Month of the Plague... "Treating Scripture Like a Joke." Prohecies that seemed dubiousif not preposterous when they issued, thousands of years ago: fulfilled! ... Little things that the ignorant and misled are missing... Coming into a genuinely conscious one-to-one relationship with God - GOD! - Himself ... Alas, what happens when someone "gets" it? When the seeker, bewildered by convincing proofs of God, turns to trusted clergy and philosophers? More

June 2020 Vol. 14.9 Sivan, 5780: Fourth Month of the Plague... Sivan, the Twins' Month - and the author... One Year Ago, Jack Saunders... "If Jews Were Any Good" - If Christians thought Jews were any good they wouldn't be Christians... Punishments - criminal sentences and Nohide Law... Prophecy vs. Palestinianism, ancient promises, historical fulfillment, and mythic baloney... Prayers & Consciousness... The Prayer Word 'Selah', what it teaches, how it works... and More
May 2020 Vol. 14.8 The Three Not-Quite Universal Laws....Beyond the Seven Laws we know about, are sorcery, emasculation, or  mixing species in the Torah’s “forbidden mixture,” which are all forbidden by Torah, so abhorrent that every nation should ban them? Some great Torah Sages believed so. But by studying their thinking, you see why it’s the Seven, and only the Seven, that have a claim on all humanity. and More
April 2020 Vol. 14.7 Gobsmacked - the Karma Quotient II, Gobsmacked by God... The Coronavirus really brings out the rule of God: you can all but see "the God that hides" in action. Hashgacha protis, Providence manifest in the day to day. How a conscious servant of God responds. "The world was created for me" - Talmud. God's humor and sense of irony: a necessary part of His holiness. God's wrath. The Master of a trillion galaxies a "creampuff"?...and More
March 2020 Vol. 14.6 The Karma Quotient....The Karma Quotient connects to the eternal Torah truth that God proclaimed three times at Sinai, to "You shall not have any gods before Me." It's part of God's "Name." It's "Divine Communication at a Very High Level." "Even Moses May Have Puzzled Over This." "So, this is the Ratio." "God's Love." "Good, Good God." Prayer...and MORE
February 2020 Vol. 14.5 The Cool Kids..... Who are the Cool Kids, B'nei Noach or B'nei Israel - Jews or non-Jews? Getting with God using the same basic technique as George Washington and the prophet Abraham; the God Who made each one of us in his Image graciously invites our company. But, does God's love for Israel mean He can't spare any love for any non-Jews? People's extraordinary awful blaspheming misconceptions of God's Name and refusal to learn from Jewish teachings. How to get amongst the "cool kids" and with the Eternal holy Power Who manages Creation... Universal Translator - help us with this new feature; and MORE
January 2020 Vol. 14.4

Who is Israel? News, Back from Israel, Who is Israel? Black Hebrews. Universal translating button; helping out the Jewish Army; tankers’ memorial; Fathers of Zionism, Black racism and Black Hebrew Israelites; reflections on the Kokomo congregation… and MORE

December 2019 Vol. 14.3 FIXING RUSSIA. Moscow and KGB Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Putin’s Russia has become a capital of white nationalism. Militarizing what the Torah calls loshon hara, weaponizing modern communications to spew falsehood, defamation and character assassination, Russia disgraces its new “gods” and values. Russia needs fixing. RESPONSE BY RABBI MICHAEL KATZ. PARIAHS. No wonder Muslim refugees and immigrants are feared. HONOR. “Be a blessing” God commands Abraham and all of us, to answer His call to live an extraordinary life of honor....more.
November 2019 Vol. 14.2 True Dwellings of the Holy (Vol. 14:2), Fleeting Temples, Abounding holiness; Tower of Babel, love vs. punishment; The Kokomo Congregation, Continued: Concerns, Issues, Expectations and Hope. And...More.
October 2019 Vol. 14.1

Kokomo Congregation … Indiana congregation “gets” the rhyming word music in Holy Scripture and ancient liturgy – could this be a portent of the Messianic Age? They call themselves Jews. Who knows their spiritual flightpath? How to get to success: the key to righteousness, from Micah 6:8. Images of Kokomo… and more.

September 2019 Vol. 13.13 “The Enemies” DEEP TEACHINGS: Whoever you are, Jew or non-Jew: attack others’ privilege, power or command? Expect trouble. Challenge the old ways at all? Denounce caste? Expect hatred. Attack tribalism, racism and xenophobia? Expect hatred. Blast cruelty? Injustice? Oppression? Expect hatred. Blast stinginess and meanness? Expect hatred. Lewdness? Expect hatred. Blast the whole might- makes-right thing? Expect hatred. False ideas, ideals, gods, superstitions? Expect hatred… People will cheerfully join and become Nazis and Inquisitors against you…. Compare the status-quo defending New Testament with the radicalizing revolutionary record of the “Old." The Torah directs and energizes irresistible forces against immovable objects (“the old ways” of injustice and tyranny). History teaches: expect spectacular results – like the American and French Revolution and the Civil War (not to mention the Scientific Revolution)... When Gentiles take up the Old Testament, revolutions follow..... and more.
August 2019 Vol. 13.12 Hating Hebrews: Mysteries... Weird characteristics of anti-Semitism. No one cares about the Jeffrey Epsteins, Harvey Weinsteins and Bernie Madoffs any more than they credit the Jews for all the creative innovators, geniuses and saints. Stalin and Henry Ford didn't let warm personal relationships with Jews detract from their fierce generalized Jew-hatred. Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia... Martin Luther, brilliant fascist-minded, counter-revolutionary foe of peasants and Torah-inspired freedom movements. Jews commanded to incarnate the holy and decent revolutionary radical, liberating, egalitarian, eternally progressive precepts of Torah....and more.
July 2019 Vol. 13.11 Mighty Cosmic Forces. While the churches shrink, "Judaism," Israel's holy path and the Path of the Righteous Non-Jews, is the outlier. Indeed itt's constantly the outlier, the unique religious, moral, cosmological, cultural, spiritual and sociological movement in history. People claim Judaism is as phony as the rest of them but you can't call revelatory data points ridiculous. Mighty cosmic forces reveal themselves in the bundle of phenomena making up the great phenomenon called anti-Semitism... The amazing cosmic physics that brings blessing for blessing HaShem and His causes and cursing to those who hate them... Where are the Philistines, Babylon, Assyria, Rome, Constantinople, Zoroastrians, Crusaders, Czars and Soviets? How well did the Nazis do for Germany? ... The Providential system outlined and foreseen in a few clear words of ancient prophecy. . . George Orwell's insight. ... "From one new moon to the next," be ready for sudden progress.... more
June 2019 Vol. 13.10 Jack E. Saunders, Aleinu Man (1948-2019). Articles: Godless vs. God-filled, two schools of thought - with some elements in common. The Aleinu prayer, a statement of faith and philosophy. What kind of man was Jack Saunders? Passover/Pesach and Pentecost/Shavuos. Saunders' pictures, and more
May 2019 Vol. 13.9

Angels, Afterlives, Contraception, Anti-Semitism, and... New Book! Just out: "From Rehovoam [Solomon's son] to Nehemiah [building the Second Temple]"... Angels, or "messengers"... Afterlives (say 'No!' to ghosts)... Abortion and contraception... Anti-Semitism: leave it to Israel and Torah and God to attract enemies from both the left-wing and the right-wing... the recommended corrective... and more

April 2019 Vol. 13.8 CONFIRMING PROVIDENCE. God is the hero here but it's through the works of His "first born" (Exodus 4:22) that He displays and confirms His reality, reliability, wisdom, and eternity - and how His plan is supposed to work. "Sabbath Enlightenment," the 25-hour mental hygeine break: it's a good time to read. "Six Men": from Gone With the Wind to The Twilight Zone to ballet and modern art, to artificial intelligence, to local real estate development: they are all advertisements for God, and clues that we ignore at our peril. Godly values are unbeatable values that have super-charged the Jews. ..and more
March 2019 Vol. 13.7 PROVING PROVIDENCE. Proofs of God's reality and the power of Torah abound, but they're often more visible to Jews than to Noahides. "The principal Jewish sport is reading lists of names" - since Divine truths lie behind them. "The fewest of all peoples" (Deuteronomy 7:7) and the Torah of matriarchal descent. Who is really Israel? "Old Israel" v. "New Israel." Noahides invited to this great and holy cause... and more
February 2019 Vol. 13.6

SCRIPTURE: FIVE GREAT PRIZES. Five precious gems of Torah: "From My Altar," "Tooth for Tooth," "Doctors' Bills, "Milk and Meat, and "How To...." This month we focus on and celebrate five prize passages from the Revelation of the Torah at Mount Sinai: Exodus 21:14, 19, and Exodus 21:24; Exodus 23:19, and Deuteronomy 12:21... and more

January 2019
Vol. 13.5

UNFOLDING DEUTERONOMY, CHAPTER 4. The mysterious lovely Divine "statutes" becoming clearer in our time. The Bible's moral laws - the Noahide laws - are all logical laws, versus the statutes, which 1) aren't logical laws and 2) don't command Noahides. But as science lights up the remarkable goodness of the statutes, the statutes increasingly inform and can potentially elevate both Noahide and Jew... Two very powerful ideas from Deut. 4... Divine Spirit & Aleinu... Divorce or Covenant? The "Suffering Servant of the Lord," Isaiah 53, et cetera... Beware of censoring free speech and thought. (What people call "hate speech" isn't necessarily so)... and More
December 2018 Vol. 13.4 Topics: "Succeeding? Yes!": Humanity's natural track is upwards... "Over-Condemning Atheists": We all are made to go through life with limited understanding - and unlimited amazement. The different worlds of atheists and believers may not always be that far apart... "New 'Pro-Life' Law": The human fetus, theTorah, abortion, Roe v. Wade, and a new law in Ohio... "Government, Tyranny and Anarchy": Democrats have their issues but Republicans have theirs. Bottom line: National sins are followed by national calamities, and trouble comes to every nation that fails to uphold all seven of the Noahide Commandments.... "Shofar Spirit": Dr. James Regehr, Canadian Noahide pastor, on the ancient animal-horn wind instrument called the shofar. ruminations on some of its deeper spiritual aspects. ALSO, a most unusual shofar.... and More
November 2018 Vol. 13.3 "Of God and Hubble" -the heavens proclaim the glory of God (as does logical inference, and science); "God of Love - and Calamities!" The concept of an unjustice God is a contradiction in terms, but why does He permit evil in the world? "God One, or Incarnate?" How to approach claims for a Deity made of matter? Scriptural instructions."Who Supervises Noahides?" Where does Noahide law come from? "More Evidence - From Crazy." Validation of Torah, God and Israel from hate-filled lunatics. Thousands of claims on Instagram that "the Jews" caused 9/11; And More
October 2018 Vol. 13.2 "Black Hebrew Israelite"- the American Black Hebrew Israelites' culture compared to that of Israel's Bene Beta Yisroel (Ethiopian Jews). What a difference! "Blind Faith" - true religion abhors false facts and nonsense. "Rational Religion" - the holy elevating Way of the Noahide, the Ivri, and Jews, with its Thirteen Principles of Faith, is simply historical monotheism, based upon the actual actions of HaShem in real time. "Zechariah's Promise" - following the New Year (Rosh HaShanah) and the happy fall holiday of Sukkos, the prophet Zechariah (Zech. 14:18) directs us to the universal Sukkos of the future... and More
September 2018 Vol. 13.1 "Big Charisma".... How Christian teachings draw people in and why they have a hard time getting out: Dr. James Regehr tries to 'unboggle" our bewildered take on obviously impossible concepts.... Love vs. laws: God's love sustains us and we should love Him, the God of Freedom - if only because (thank you for this teaching, George Orwell!) He gives us specific freeing "thou shalt not" commandments and ordinances instead of the tyranny of 'love' and conformity.... Dr. R. shows that different people come at God in different ways... "Happy New Year 5779!" Why this coming holy-day of Rosh HaShanah is called "the birthday of the World" ... and More
August 2018 Vol. 12.12 - Supplement "Positivity"... The Biblical prophets didn’t roam the world insulting other peoples’ religions. Jonah didn’t go to Nineveh to denounce the Assyrians’ infantile theology but to admonish them for the violently immoral way they led their lives. (Jonah 1:2, 3:8). We, too, shouldn’t go around insulting other religions. It’s better to try to show people how great our way is than tell them that their ways are lousy... More
August 2018 Vol. 12.11 "Eternal Life"... As God is eternal, so are His thoughts and memories, which are as unfading and fresh as He is. So we, His creatures and servants, live forever in the mind of God... "Blasphemy"... Despite any sore feelings we might have about insults to HaShem or to our religious culture in general, we shouldn't respond by attacking other religions but by trying to dispel the myths and focusing on the truth and by explaining the glory of our Torah statutes: our Way... and More
July 2018 Vol. 12.10 "Stupid God"? Philippines President Duterte asks, why would any God create Adam and Eve only to destroy the purity of all humanity? The doctrine he's denouncing isn't Torah: Israel declares "My God, the soul You placed within me is pure." Still, we don't normally mock people's cherished beliefs. "Loving Deity" Pagans make their gods smaller and more relatable than God, and easier to love. As HaShem becomes better-known, reality-based love of God will surpass the feelings that paganism inculcates towards idols... and More
June 2018 Vol. 12.9 Atheists & Killer Docs ...No faith or philosophy takes account of the data like faith in the One God of Sinai. Atheists: ignoring the data; agnosticism's a cop-out. Dr. Richard Dawkins, big atheist, stunned by the data but doesn't take it into account... "Killer Docs, Assisting Suicide": suicide laws of different states and countries.Physicians' duties... turning healers into murderers... addressing pain and agony... and More
May 2018 Vol. 12.8 Putting Principles Positively...Read last issue as "Judaism Teaches That God Rewards Goodness Regardless of One's Creed"... "You shall be holy"; Most college graduates - particularly the Jewish ones - disbelieve in God and regard the Bible as nonsense... the Bible itself remarks on the fantastic nature of its contents... the natural character of "miracles"... God doesn't force belief in Him on anyone... The exceptionality, substantiality, antiquity and reality of the religion of HaShem... and More
April 2018 Vol. 12.7 Nobody Needs to Convert to Judaism... the just and righteous regardless of creed deserve God's blessing... Maimonides on the subject of the Noahide commandments... Isaiah on the subject of the future... Zechariah on the "many nations" committing to HaShem and becoming His people... the people of Israel's obligation to follow the example of Abraham...and More
March 2018 Vol.12.6

Purim Counts/New Offerings ... Purim and the Book of Esther; in the nations' bibles; Amalek, the Anti-Israel; Amalekite tactics and beliefs; Crazy Numbers in the Books; How the Torah Counts... New Offerings (from our colleagues and competitors; "Noahide Outreach" and what we've learned about Noahide objectives; What should be Israel's objectives... and More

February 2018 Vol. 12.5 Why is the World So Messed Up?... Theodicy, the philosophy... "If God is so great, why is the world so troubled and miserable?" The Book of Job, and Ecclesiastes. Rabbi Akiva and martyrdom. Life after life: olam haba, the World to Come. Human sacrifice. Abraham Lincoln's 2d Inaugural Address and theodicy. 500 Times More Good in the World Than Evil clarified and explained, and More
January 2018 Vol.12.4

All Seven Commandments... enumerated, with their opposites - goodness means doing the opposite of what the Noahide Commandments forbid... Democracy - the sole governmental system based on the sacredness of the individual - always to be aspired to... The world has at least 500 times more good in it than evil - so the Way of God is no narrow tunnel; there are many broad pathways to infinite blessing... "Recognizing Israel's Capital," and More

December 2017 Vol. 12.3 Torn Limb...the weirdest-sounding Commandment of all the Seven Commandments, with its remarkable scope and depth... Sweeping away ALL the taboos of paganism... Proof that life and the Earth are real, and that the pain of animals matters... The chief characteristic of monsters is that they eat their victims alive... The "Green Commandment" leading to the extensive animal-protecting Teachings of the Torah... and More
November 2017 Vol. 12.2 Why No Churches?... Is all existence just an accident? Did the Universe "just happen"? Why aren't more people already turning away from man-made gods to the One God of Abraham and Israel? The state of things today. "We write for people who prize true beliefs and attitudes over churchy ritual, social networks and artificial customs... and More
October 2017 Vol. 12.1 Revolution Now..Those who choose the Path of Abraham achieve the world's highest freedom, joining the world's oldest and most successful revolutionary movement..."Ivri," by DK: Hebrew traditions for everyone: specific teaching & consciousness-raising practices....and More
September 2017 Vol. 11.11

Wisdom Craves God...Even while people are leaving their customary religions, science and the real world increasingly point to HaShem, the God of Abraham, Noah, David and Israel, and, particularly, to His mind-blowing immediacy, constancy, compassion, holy acute intelligence, and INTIMACY... Speak to Him directly! He can handle it. Don't worry about clogged switchboards ... More

August 2017 Vol. 11.10 Thinking LikeGod... "Prove you understand the Zohar: make a golem." Reason - rationality - unites man and HaShem; what's the great mediator between man and God? Reason! The Torah enshrines reason. The Noahide Law is ALL logical and rational AND revealed by means of Torah. "Seek ye HaShem while He may be found..." and more
July 2017 Vol. 11.9 The Golden Rules... Ten Commandments DON'T command everyone: Look at the Golden Tradition, the Tradition of the Universal Revelation and the Golden Rule. Thomas Jefferson and Sir Isaac Newton and Abraham; even Insurance laws are Noahide laws; Creation reflects the entirely just, entirely holy, rational and loving Creator... and More
June 2017 Vol. 11.8 Pleasing God... does He want non-Jewish people to avoid all the rituals and religious observances of the Jewish people or should those who aspire to be Ivri, the Pious of the Nations, conscious servants of HaShem, do certain things? A difference of opinions is examined... and more
May 2017 Vol. 11.7 Supplemental Noahide Funeral... Laying a great friend to rest while sanctifying, forever, part of the surface of God's planet for her loved ones... a last act of love and service, for the living, and act of sanctifying atonement, for the dead - how we did it and the service that accompanied it... more.
May 2017 Vol. 11.6 Proving God, Part III ...Life is real, life has purpose; we all share in God's infinity and eternity; He guarantees the earth and the human race a bright future - the evidence is overwhelming that that message is true. But most folks don't buy it ... Bearing Divinity on its face, the amazing Seven Universal Commandments... more.
March 2017 Vol. 11.5 Proving God, Part II...What permeates Scripture: Israel the "big brother" (not father, nor servant, nor boss) of the nations, according to Exodus and, for instance, Isaiah, to fulfill the Plan of raising up all nations. Consider the dangers inherent to this mission in the light of Isaiah 53; the phenomenon of holiness, in its broader sense... and more
February 2017 Vol. 11.4 Proving God... against all man-made belief-systems HaShem floods us with proof that He is God. Israel and its history: a very significant part of the proof... and more
January 2017 Vol. 11.3 Zeh Aliy : This is My God. "Let all who walk the earth recognize and know that You alone..." Happy Hanukah, the big miracle, "My Glorious Brothers"... Divided servants, unifying doctrines, and More
December 2016 Vol. 11.2 God of the Ivri... Ivri and Noachide, "Hebrew is pan-national," Ivri and ger toshav. Good atheists vs. conscious Ivri; Non-kosher a handy concept. Invitation, joining independent thinkers with independent thinkers in the First Covenant, and More
November 2016 Vol. 11.1 Happy 5777! Post-Election Considerations (and the coming Millenium); Ivri (a name for Jews and non-Jews); "Incidentally" (a. government and the Noahide mitzvah of din and the different obligations of women and men; b. Scripture's ideal, sexually, and "gay liberation") ... and More
August 2016 Vol. 10.7 My Religion Is.... "Ivri is the name of "the man beyond the stupidity of society." Re: "My religion is Jewish even though I'm not Jewish," and ... More
July 2016 Vol. 10.6 Sharing the Power, including "Ferplutzing the System," "My Religion Is..." and More
February 2016 Vol. 10.5

Great Big Truths & Holy Legalese, including "Does God Disdain Gentiles?" "Gentiles Who Act Like Jews" from Tablet, the Online Magazine; and More

December 2015 Vol. 10.4 Ever Consider Coverting? The OU Rabbi and Rev. Jack Saunders; Cohen, Levite, Israelite, Noahite; Torah Commentaries by Jewish Chauvinists; Learning and Teaching Torah by Noahides; and More.
November 2015 Vol. 10.3

Torah Delights If Science is True; Abraham, Prince of HaShem: Soul Warping; Torah Delights (Loving Torah-learning, good teachers vs. false teachers, Noahide outreach "experts" versus 1st Cov, God's Sabbath: The human holiday),and More

October 2015 Vol. 10.2 My House: For All Peoples, "For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples." Cosmic connections, and More
September 2015 Vol. 10.1 God Hides. What the Biblical Prophets, Psalmists, Etc., Teach Us of HaShem's Modus Operandi. Happy New Year 5776! Happy Sukkot! And More
August 2015 Vol. 9.11 Solving the Arab-Israeli Conflict, the 7M's "Spiritual Side, and More
July 2015 Vol. 9.10 You Ever Wonder...? Have You Ever Wondered...?[including If You Were God and Newton, Noahide]; Haskamah, Rabbinic Approbation for Rainbow Covenant"; and More
June 2015 Vol. 9.9 Ignorance or Hubris, or Both Kosher "Ritual" Slaughter, Circumcision, and the Land of Israel. Hubris and HaShem, and More
May 2015 Vol. 9.8 Progress, Law, and Continuing the Conversation on Male Homosex... More
April 2015 Vol. 9.7 The Noahide Covenant and Male Homosexual Conduct; a Response by Rabbi Michael Katz. More
March 2015 Vol. 9.6 Homosexuality (Again). Conversation with Rabbi Michael Katz. Distinguishing between "mere" sin - from the Hebrew for "missing the mark" - and genuine horrible 7M crimes. Nothing of the superstitious, taboo, or "accept based on the decree of alleged authority, regardless of logic and informed common sense" - in the 7M. More
February 2015 Vol. 9.5 Natural Sex Laws. Sex-Crime Categories. Heterosexual/Homosexual - that brief on homosexuality that we promised you. A long Covenant Connection and a heavy one. More
The Jews: Good or Bad? If the Jews don't stand for liberation, then - what? Autonomy, coercion and higher consciousness. Natural law and natural religion. What the nations need to outlaw, and More
December 2014 Vol. 9.3 End-of-Year Letter, 2014. What we've done, where we've been, where we mean to go in 2015, and More
November 2014 Vol. 9.2 Conscious Service. What's the Purpose of man? Question: How do we serve God? Answer: By trying. Conscious service is humble service. What are the rewards? Light and joy, gratitude, common sense, life and love and blessing. God is my Rock in Whom there is no wron, and more
October 2014 Vol. 9.1 "They Say It's a Sin," and more
September 2014 Vol. 8.4 "Even a Non-Jew," Blessing Requires... What is Israel? A Conscious Servant's Gladness and Full Heart, and More
August 2014 Vol. 8.3 Little Islands. "Little Islands." Cosmic Islands. Sir Isaac Newton. Cloe Vardary, "Letter From an Angry Black Woman," and More
July 2014 Vol. 8.2 "I Love..."/We Like.... "I Love." Like Sects? News Update (HQ pics). More
March 2014 Vol. 8.1 Conscious Servant. Learning from Praying. Conscious Servants of the Ultimate. Conscious Servants of HaShem. More
December 2012 Vol.7.6 Ancient Egyptian Frog God. . .Something a little different, and More
October 2012 Vol. 7.5 First Contact: First Revelation - The Laws are Obvious; Incest; Cultural Prejudice? Why These Sins?
August 2012 Vol. 7.4 Freud Would Flip; Ferplutzing the Numbers; Crazy Numbers; The Counter-argument; Presbyterian Funeral; Communion
June 2012 Vol. 7.3Oy! Mail! More Mail!
May 2012 Vol. 7.2 The Spiritual Physics of Blessing; Astrology, Shavuot and Revelation - a Personal Aside
February 2012 Vol. 7.1 God is Not a Tyrant; The Torah Sages and the First Covenant

January 2011 Vol. 6.2 Ferplutzed Redux! - Headlines: Not Ten Commandments, Seven (so that's how you insult gentiles?) Bizarro World YouTube attack. . . Love, Love, Love. "Spiritual Jews" & Noahide saints. . . Ferplutzing the 7M & False Theologies. . . Imagining God - Islamic misconceptions, sophisticated abstract Ultimate Reality, the word/idea HaShem. . . getting humankind ready for redemption. . . and MORE...

November 2010 Vol. 6.1 Ferplutzed! - Get to know Larry the rabbi AND the holy greatness of the 7M, the Torah's Universal Law. Also, introducing new column, From the Office of the Priest, by S.Y. HaCohen - 2 current pieces on the sin of "rabbi-olatry" ("Rebbe-olatry"?). New website articles (Non-Jews Saving Jews WITH Judaism?). . . Join us on Facebook. . . . Read this issue...
June 2010 Vol. 5.2 Prophets Say the Darnedest Things - Appreciating Palestinianism. Odd plan for winning Divine blessing. History of savagery vs. God's Way. Nice When People Get It - First Covenant's wonderful members, Rainbow Covenant's wonderful readers; go to Community. . . Read this issue...

January 2010 Vol. 5.1 'Proto-Islam' Rocks! - The Religion of Mohammed - "We are getting good and sick of the religion of Mohammed." Koran Holy? The grim reality. Proto-Islam: the Seven Law System Revealed! Exploring authentic Islam: the Seven Laws, their simplicity, beauty and accessibility. . . government and taxes, can't have one without the other: civilization requires both. American Freedom: the Second Amendment (right to bear arms) protects the First Amendment, free speech and religion. . . . Read More...

June 2009 Vol. 4.3 The Counter-Revolution - Pita for Pesach, terrorists learn how to destroy Israel. Amalek, Israel, & the "Two-State Solution" - Amalek, the anti-Israel, bad but not all bad. A Viable Amalekite State? Revolution vs. Counter-Revolution - learn Torah by learning what Israel isn't. Past Issues follow-up - homophobic Torah? Gay ways in the Arab world. Decrees of Life - the first prayer of the day, Modeh Ani, and neurology. Upcoming Features; and More...
May 2009 Vol. 4.2 Gay Politics and Torah -  They call it "faith-based bigotry": You shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind, it is abomination (Leviticus);  lesbian vs. male homosexuality; ""gay" vs."morose"; what the Noahide Law requires and allows. Two by Rabbi Michael Katz: Should Noahides Wear a Tallis? and Reason, Authority, and Reincarnation. Also, Pro-Life, Pro-Choice: Recent Developments; Recession Economics - Buying Local; and More...
February 2009 Vol. 4.1 The Great Recession - "Every man-made catastrophe has at its root some breach of the Noahide Law." Becoming Like Abraham. Election issues: abortion laws and political prospects, "gay marriage," Israel - The 21-State Solution, A Viable Muslim State. Jimmy Carter Redux. Mumbai, Hamas, and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Reviews (2): The Divine Code. Must Reading. Netherlands' Noahides' Letters, and More...

September 2008 Vol. 3.5 Revolutionary Doctrine - Letter to the Philippines: can't "impose" righteousness; the innate appeal of the Law - every nation must determine the details of its own laws for itself. Revolutionary doctrine versus The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Online Classes *New*. Book review: Restoring Abrahamic Faith. "Pride Suppresses the Law: Abortion; the 40-Day Rule; Responses to Rape & Incest." The New Year and More...
July 2008 Vol. 3.4

Saints and Sinners - exploring the sanity and wisdom of the Universal Torah, including history's most sensible and loving moral system. Obviousness the key to the Noahide Law. Regarding abortion and homosexuality; check out the "40-day rule." Torah, higher consciousness and, for example, "green funerals." New Articles, new links and More. . .

April 2008 Vol. 3.3 Hot Slaves with Ham ("slaves of slaves"); Race and culture; Hot Kwame (Detroit's jive Mayor Kilpatrick); Hot Noahides (a black - African-American - synagogue in Chicago); Free speech; threads - science and Torah; museum morals; Noahide conference, Noahide books and More...
January 2008 Vol. 3.2

El, God of Abraham Allah, Islam and God; Freud, 19th Century Atheism and Science; Agnosticism; Holocaust Atheism; Question Everything! Observant Noahides; Noahide Clergy; State of the Union - "Creepy Fantasy"; and More. . .


September 2007 Vol. 3.1 Judgment Day (New Year 5768 - Volume 3) Sigmund Freud: monotheism "enriches the individual immeasurably." Noahide Rosh HaShana and Noahide Shabbot, by J & N Reynolds. Defining what God isn't. Anti-Circumcision Crusaders. U.S. Senator Larry Craig - responses, and video. Noahide Prayerbook Revisited. Choose Life! and More. . .
August 2007 Vol. 2.12 Apocalypse Now   (Share the Truth and Save the Earth);  Son of Man, HASHEM and Allah;  Designer Genes - Evolution and Design;  Rosh HaShana, Birthday of the World;   A Tale of Time and Money,  by Andrea Chester;  Polygamy and Suicide Bombing;  More Hamas TV !;  Arab patriots' blog - Free Syria; and More. . .
July 2007 Vol. 2.11 Peace and Apocalypse   Religious Service (what should Noahides do?); New Prayerbook; Soul of Fire revisted; Peace and Apocalypse (jihad and the new millenium; Sherwin Wine, the Holocaust and post-war atheism); Lion, Eagle and Scorpion, a fable, by Andrea Chester; Terrorism Awarness Project; Deuteronomy's inspired modern commentator; and More...
June 2007 Vol. 2.10 Transcending Religion (Do you find society's "moral breakdown" troubling?) Symposium: What Do Noahides Do? To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate the Sabbath? Seven Candles. Isaiah 53: the Lord's "Suffering Servant". Riddle of the Exodus. Biblical "Statutes": Milk and Meat, and More...
May 2007 Vol. 2.9 Jihad E. Coyote (Suicide bombing for. . . sex? Pierre Rehov reports.) Seven Candles: "Prayer, a Heart-shaped Mirror." Statutes: Kosher Birds. Moral Breakdown. Moderate Muslims. Bad Mouse. First Covenant Radio, and More...
April 2007 Vol. 2.8 How to Get Rich. Noahide Metrics, Where are the Churches? Seven Candles, by Andrea, "Revolutionary Perspectives." The Bible's "Statutes": Kosher Animals. First Covenant Radio, and More...

March 2007 Vol. 2.7


Divine Guidance. Vile Nation (Palestine and Israel), Seven Candles, by Andrea, "Uncharted Territory." The Bible's "Statutes": Food Laws. Prayer, and More...

February 2007 Vol. 2.6

Pro Life, Pro Choice (Revelation & Modern Science on Abortion), Seven Candles, by Andrea M. Chester: "Bnai Noah Identity Crisis," Why We Exist, Tattoos and Kosher Food, Happy Purim! and More...

January 2007 Vol. 2.5 Lynching Saddam - This month we saw the killing of Saddam Hussein. . . Other headlines: New Feature - Seven Candles, by Andrea Chester: Like Learning to Drive, Interfaith Dialogue, New Blog, New Articles, Radio and Video, Bless You and Keep You, More and More Subscribers, and More...

December 2006 Vol. 2.4 What's the Jewish People's Secret? - According to best estimates, the United States now has more than 300 million people. Only about 1.34% of them are Jewish.... Other headlines: Commandments,Statutes, Circumcision; Gifts of the Muslims; Clustered Conferences; Nullifying the Bible; New Knicknack; Just Solutions; Don't Buy Iranian Lightbulbs; Jimmy Carter and Alan Dershowitz; On the Eighth Day He was Circumcised; Xmas with Irving Berlin, and More...
November 2006 Vol. 2.3

Black Hebrews - A steamy July Sunday in New York City's Harlem. You can see the Apollo Beauty Supply shop, on Lenox Avenue near 125th Street, peeking out.... Other headlines: Not Noahides, James Tabor's Qumran Discovery, The Thirteenth Tribe, Kuzari ,Trilby and Svengali, Flicker of Sanity-New Road for Israel, Spiritual Israel, New Noahide Book, New Carter Book, Lagos Disaster, First Covenant News, Formal Titles, America & Israel (and flag pins), and More...

October 2006 Vol. 2.2

Solomon's Prayer- What's God's Plan? Solomon explains plainly in a few words here... Other headlines: The Temple Mount in Ruins, Where Next?, Pray, Creator Who Feeds the World, The Hertz Edition, Love and Redemption, and More...

September 2006 Vol. 2.1

Let's Sing - "Sing unto the Lord, all the earth," says the prophet Ezra. Pharaoh and Muslim suicide bombers worship a different Being than Ezra's "God of Israel." Other headlines: Prayer or Work the Key to Redemption?, Irreligious Israel, Covenant News, Vendyl Unconnected, Killing Infidels, Truth or Lies, Standing with Israel, Happy 5767 and More...

August 2006 Vol. 1.9

Praying for Monotheism - Israel prays for everyone to come to the realization that HaShem, the Lord, is God. The question is, what happens when people recognize HaShem? What's the next step? Also, other headlines: Isaiah's Suffering Servant, Biblical "Higher Criticism" (the "Documentary Hypothesis"), Unitarianism, End of Days, Pure Prayers and More...



July 2006 Vol 1.8

Now Comes Amalek- If the Bible is true, God has friends and He also has enemies. His tender mercy goes to all His creatures, He provides us all with everything. Yet He blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who curse Israel . . . . Don't miss the story of Dr. T.K. Lawless: Part of the Plan in Action, and More...

July 2006 Vol. 1.8a

Supplement - Soul of Fire - [A more complete version of this article, from the June issue.] Life in this world deserves the full-time attention of the living. But the Torah reveals unexpected details about the immortality of the soul, of life after death. More...

June 2006 Vol. 1. 7

Suppose you're a Noahide. Suppose you come from the more than 99.75% of humanity that isn't Jewish. . . Soul of Fire (the Bible's incredibly sophisticated understanding of the animal and human soul, life and eternity, Heaven and God's purposes . . . Slandering the Bible, and More...


May 2006 Vol. 1. 6

Noah and 9/11. . . History and Torah. . . The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. . . More...

April 2006 Vol. 1. 5

Shalom! In this issue, a Dutch Noahide, Sefanja Severin, raises a crucial issue, and an assembly of rabbis in Jerusalem speaks about us and The Rainbow Covenant in the enclosed "Statement of Clarification.". . . More...



March 2006 Vol. 1. 4

Shalom! February is now March and the month of Shevat turned into Adar (the month of the holiday of Purim) 5766. We expect to see the end of the winter and the beginning of spring and brighter, lighter days ahead. This is a great time of year, as the Talmud says (Ta'anit 29a), "When Adar comes we should increase joy." So, since learning is joy, let's get started. . . More...



Idolatry and the Noahide laws. . . Michael Dallen, Rabbi Michael Katz, Jack E. Saunders. . . Kaddish and God's Name. . . The Prophetic Prayerbook: Insight into the Future. . . New discoveries in science: genetics and the year 5766. This has been a busy month and we have much to tell you. . . More...



Hanukah and the new solar year!. . . January 1: commemorating Jesus' circumcision (his b'ris or b'rit) eight days after Dec. 25th " . . . Israel writes Xmas songs. . . Idolatry and avodah zorah. . . Rainbow of Promise, poetry by Dorothy LaQuey West. . . More...


Greetings! The First Covenant is the Rainbow Covenant, which is the Universal Covenant. . . this newsletter and our website have a new format, a new look and name. . . We are now the First Covenant Foundation. We hope you like this newsletter. More...

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