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For God So Loved the World

A Noahide's Meditation

by Hiram V. Rosa

(And see the addendum by Rev. Jack E. Saunders further below)

For God so Loved the World
That He gave the Torah to
Moses and made Israel His

This is the most ignored truth, which is the cause of earthly turmoil.

God chose to reveal to Moses and Israel His existence. He chose to make B'nai Yisrael, the Jewish people, His special witnesses. The Torah is the Way and Guide for them and within it lies the Way and Guide for every nation. 

Without the Revelation of the Torah, Israel would have no reason to exist. God gave Israel the mission to be "a light unto the nations." This is what makes the people of Israel so special. Their national mission, which is dangerous at times, is stil the same. Teach the world of God's Torah, to bring blessing to the world.

Turning to Torah will bring true redemption. When this happens, the Messiah will have truly come.  Until then, we still await the Messiah [or, in Hebrew, Moshiac, "God's anointed"].

For God so Loved the World that He gave His Torah to Moses and made Israel His special witnesses, proving His existence, His wisdom and His holiness.

            Hiram V. Rosa, copyright 2008



by Jack E. Saunders

What makes the Torah-system great is the greatness of the One who gave it.

His concern and love for His creatures and Creation is the reason that He established the Torah-system. The system is great only because of Him.

Americans often speak of the greatness of the U.S. Constitution, but we never forget about the time in history when a few patriotic men gathered together to bring it into the world.  We revere these men because of their extraordinary accomplishments. Similarly, we revere God because of His extraordinary accomplishments. One of the things that makes us, or should make us, revere Him is the greatness of His wisdom in granting us the Torah- system. It's a system that values the whole of humankind, as He, the Author, directs us through the Torah to view every single individual as being valuable, and to treat each and every one with respect, because we are all valuable in His sight.

No wonder the great Torah Sages ask us to consider (as they warn us against trading flesh, or putting one individual before another), "Is his [or her] blood any redder or richer then yours? No wonder the Sages teach that we - every human being - should recognize that "the whole of Creation exists for me" - and that, as this is true of us, so it is true of every other person who ever lived. This is His Divine perspective, and His system, which cherishes every single person. And, if we accept His Torah-system,  and always keep it in our thoughts, none of us would ever even come near to being cruel, or oppressive, to any other human, nor to any of His creatures.


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