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I'm a single father and I've been raising my 8-year-old daughter, Brittany, on my own now for over 7 years. I'm a 39 year old truck driver who tries to do his best despite the poor choices of my past.

I wish to extend a warm greeting to Noahides everywhere. I was introduced to this fellowship back in '94 by a rabbi friend of mine who thought I might find some like minded people with similar study interests, since at the time I was very interested in the scrolls found at Qumran. Now the questions surrounding that lost community still have not been answered fully to my satisfaction, but as I've been kind of busy dealing with other issues in my life (to say the least!). The experience I had with Noahides back then was very helpful, since you offered REAL information and not just the same ol religious rhetoric I would get from my other religious friends ( I try not to offend). Also Noah of course is one of my most favorite stories of Genesis, which is by far my most favorite book of the bible. The creation story is also of particular interest to me as well as the mysterious character of Enoch. My interests lately have been in the calendar efforts of the ancients, I know that Qumran wrote numerous writings concerning the calendars, but I'm afraid they are too fragmented to help me, especially since I can't read a word of Hebrew anyway!

Perhaps someone out there might also like calendars. Or maybe you can reply just to say hello. Wish you well! Shalom!



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