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Members join a society dedicated to God the Father, the One Eternal Holy "God of Israel," and to greater understanding of His First Covenant, and of the whole Biblical system.

Help us make this great treasury - this immense sacred trove of wisdom - better-known.Join us.

First Covenant (1stCov) is a U.S. IRS 501(C)(3) non-profit - a teaching and out-reach institution

Members and subscribers receive all issues of Covenant Connection, our online newsletter, and other communications, immediately upon publication.

Membership is free: we do not require members to pay dues.

(This does not meant that we don't count on your support. We do! Please, remember: contributions to the First Covenant Foundation are tax-deductible.)
If you want to join but don't want your name or email address posted on this page, please say so in the remarks section of the membership form.
Warning: We haven't had any problems in a long time, but beware of begging e-mails from supposed "Noahides" and phony "rabbis." Please just treat them as spam.

  Community List:   United States

Suzanne Griffith - Andover State, KS

1s Griffith @

Marjie Benson

Crazy4 yarn

Allan Ray Parmley - Mowrystown, Ohio

arp drums62 @ yahoo . com

Jaime - Palatka, Florida

jazmine . flowers @ yahoo . com

Craig Pantzlaff - Bettendorf, Iowa 

go ye rica @ gm ail. com

Susan Sinigaglio. Pennsville, New Jersey

ssing 45 @ gmail . com

George - Newark, New Jersey

g moralesda in @ gmail . com

Robert Wilkins - Syracuse, New York

dios . noos@ live . com

Leonard Mansky - Roslyn, New York

len 613 @ verizon .& net

Rabbi Michael Katz - Miami, Florida

rmkatz @ 1stco venant . org

Cecilia Keller - Hilliard, Ohio

ce cilia _ keller2000 yahoo . com

Dr. Michael C Golding - Sylmar, California

co o @ drmcga . com

Alan Bain - Chicago, Illinois

dr bain@ do . com

Jack E Saunders - Cleveland, Tennessee

j saunders @ 1stc ovenant . org

Laura Root - Mesa, Arizona

llro ot cox .net

William Bond - Saint Johns, Michigan

william . james. bond @ gmail . com

Aron Willis - Seattle, Washington

ad willis 99 @ yahoo. com
Beverly Harris - Hunt (Kerr County), Texas bl harris @ hctc . net
Marvin Hyde - Tellico Plains, Tennessee
mh yde 7 @ tds . net
Christel Key - Fort Hood, Texas
chris tel g key  @  yahoo. com
C. Richburg - Cypress, Texas carna rich @ aol. com
Yisrael Rivera - Orlando, Florida
yisraelr 2 @ yahoo. com
Tim Roden - Dallesport, Washington tim _roden  @  yahoo. com
Mariano (Moshe) Otero - Hollywood, Florida noahs house congregation @ yahoo. com
Theresa - Fort Valley, Georgia theres a603 @ Windstream.  net
Frank T. Fazzino III - Wilmington, N. Carolina
frank fazzino @ gmail. com
Rosalie LaSaracina - Flushing, New York
rosalie saracina  @  yahoo. com
Nathan Frazee - Janesville, Iowa
frazee . nathan @ yahoo. com
Tina Garcia - Edison, New Jersey
the g shorty @ hotmail. com
Connie Patterson - Spanaway, Washington
c p48 @ comcast. net
Daniel B. - Houston, Texas
d bish op @ aggienetwork. com
Matt Tillman - Jacksonville, North Carolina
mtill m an @ ec.rr. com
Alex Boothe - Newark, Delaware
rgh teous gen tile  @ gmail. com
Ellen Cortez - Westhills, California  
elle n cort 2  @ aol.  com
Adam Brennan - Ronks, Pennsylvania
slan tw are @ yahoo. com
Susan - Akron, Ohio fio na of akron @ yahoo. com
Maria Morrison - Lake Mary, Florida
morr8544 @ yaho o. com
Ari ben Yoseph - Lancaster, Pennsylvania
blis ophia @ yaho o. com
Tom & Josephine Askren - Lafayette, Indiana
tja sk ren @ com cast. net
Brian Emery - Saint Louis, Missouri
beemery @ hot mail. com
Christopher Blevins - De Ridder, Louisiana ble vinschr isj @ aol.  com
Roger Grattan - Bangor, Maine san hedrin . emissary @ yahoo. com
Dianne Goulet - Wiggins, Mississippi
rosies brain  @  gmail.  com
James Singletary Jr. - Buffalo, New York
j singletary @ tmo. blackberry. net
Bruce Miller - Little Rock, Arkansas b miller 38 2 @ comcast . net
Madeleine - Virginia hallie 7201 @ aol. com
Hadahra B. - Alaska had ahr a @ hotmail. com
Leland Christopher - Fairhope, Alabama
se rene cha os @  bellsouth. net
Erika Stavropoulos - Washington, D.C.
stav ness 79 @ aol. com
Cheryl H. - Alabama ho lb rook 1 @ cableone. net
Steve Salmieri - New York, New York
rae lucid @  mindspring.  com
Greg U. - Arizona greg (at) gre gurroz. com
Jessie M. Smart - Paris, Texas
sage 125 @ sbcglobal. net
Steve R.- Arkansas mr _ routon (at) hotmail. com
Catherine K. - California open hands (at) charter. net
Heather F. - California heathe r _ fuller (at) yahoo. com
Cesar - California robo lobo 13 (at) yahoo. com
Kay Kibbe - Lewisville, Texas
kay kib be @ verizon. net
Daniel R. - California zen none @ aol . com/ bgnrsmnd @ yahoo . com
Miryam C. - California mir yam @
Vincenza Perriano - Port Charlotte, Florida
mo gel 64 @ yahoo. com
Rhonda - California
dragon drool @
Andrea M. Chester - Bryson City, N. Carolina am chester @ peo plepc. com
Phil C. - California ph ilc @ dc . rr . com
Lydia Stench - Santa Barbara, California lst en ch @ yahoo. com
Neil H. - Colorada n hurst @  edmlink. com
Pito Rosario - Bronx (New York), New York pi toro 7 @ gmail. com
Mark S. -- Florida noahide . couple @ gmail . com
Daniel S. - Georgia ct ishe ffer @ hotmail. com
Michael S. - Illinois ms ac comando @ hotmail. com
LuVal B. - Illinois luval1974 @ sbcglobal . net
Franklin Kohutek - Industry, Texas
fhk @ industryinet . com
Bruce G. - Maryland the crab (at) crablaw. com
Leah V. - Massachusetts lv20 24 (at) barnard. edu
Jennifer Carter - Charlottesville, Virginia
mak an ani 44 4 @ yahoo. com
Becky R. - Michigan beckywlt (at) charterinternet . com
Kathy G. - Michigan im kg ro se (at) sbcglobal . net
Cecil Ray Y. - Minnesota wea sel _ 123 (at) yahoo . com
Julie G. - Missouri judo326 (at) msn. com
Roy - New Mexico , doma (at) plate autel. net
Walter Michael Wolf - Brooklyn, New York
walter m wolf @ yahoo. com
Chris - New Mexico chrissay 324 (at) aol. com
Linda O. - North Carolina loak (at) triad.rr. com
Reuven W. - South Carolina herb 49 83 (at) 
Harvey C. - South Carolina bos ko min (at)
Herb G. - Oklahoma reubenkw@ bellsouth. net
Matt - Oregon mure (at) fmtc. com
Zev ben David- Pennsylvania zev _ ben _ david (at) yahoo. com
Elizabeth K. - Pennsylvania hot hands _ ejk (at) yahoo. com
Jeffrey D. - Tennessee kaicho (at) netzero. net
Theresia W. - Tennessee theresia w (at) aol. com
Theresa - Fort Valley, Georgia
theresa 603 @  windstream . net
Kay K. - Texas kay kib (at) juno. c om
Judy K. - Texas judy (at) tlcr ealty. n et
Andrea W. - Texas Fuzzy ADL (at) ms n. c om
Bob A. - Texas noach ide (at) m k tvalues. c om
Bryan F. - Texas bryan fox 2 (at) m sn. c om
Elisa J. - Washington cejay 6 (at) c omcast. n et
Mary R. - Washington raines family farm @ hotma il . c om
Lee R. Brown, Jr - lr brown jr @ e xcit e. c om
Barbara Lilly - Yakima, Washington
bar be que 2 @ a o l. c o m
Chris Kutcher - Michigan  
Margaret Reilley - Carson City, Nevada
Randy K. May  - Yakima, Washington
rkm 7676 @ nw in fo. n et
Kay - Lewisville, Texas kay kib be @ ver izon. n et
Amaryah Sabba - Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
a maryah - sabba @ live. co m
Steve Harnick - Maryland s harnick @ gm ail. co m
Beverly Kurtin - Texas b kurtin @ gm ail. co m
Hiram Vazquez-Rosa -  Cleveland, Tennessee prcbo r icua @ yahoo.  co m
Lisa Cowart - Georgia southern girl 72 @ bells outh. ne t
Calvin Lynn Metcalf - Kansas City, Missouri calvin metcalf @ y ahoo . c o m
Marilyn Tate - Texas marilyn mtate @ y aho o. co m
Clive P. Hodge - Miami, Florida sxm hodge @ y aho o. com
Linda Williams - Greenwood, South Carolina
vitalhands 2 @ y aho o.c om
Tracee - Washington, D.C.  
Brandy Lacobee - Shreveport, Louisiana b _ lacobee23 @ yahoo. c om
Theresa Sledge-Shehee - Fort Valley, Georgia theresa 603 @ alltel. n et
Don Z. Goodman - Brooklyn, New York don good man @ hearttoheartamerican. c om
Manuel Cabrera - San Diego, California man val cab @ gma il . c om
Susan LaRue - Doe Run, Missouri
a _ elle @ m sn. com
Stephen E. Williamson - Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia steve ew 443 @ comc ast. ne t
Janice Meister - Wheeling, West Virginia
sun dropjr @  yahoo .  c om
Herman Stubblefield - Santa Maria, California pstub blefield  @  ver izon .  n et
Michael Johnson - Murrieta, California opal sun66 @ a ol. co m
Brian Tebbitt - Anoka, Minnesota sha ar. devek ut @ g mail. c om
Beverly Nixon - Orlando, Florida
bdenese @ y ahoo . co m
Dan Rice - Fresno, California
eagle793727 @ y ahoo. co m
M. Jackson - Hilton Head, South Carolina jcksnmrvn @ y ahoo. c om
Curtis H. Brittle - Virginia Beach, Virginia
e l pis I sra el @ m sn. co m

Agathe Krueger - Stevensville, Michigan
dacmb @ y ahoo. co m
Walt  Childs - Bartow, Florida
waltchilds @ comcast . n et
R. J. Madison - Arlington, Texas stray_gypsy @ yahoo. co m
Aharon Resh Lakish - Rocky River, Ohio
aharonlakish @  yahoo .  co m
Jason Tyus - East Liverpool, Ohio jason_tyus @  hotmail.  co m
Stephen Amsden - Woodland Hills, California
stephen. amsden @ y a hoo . c om
Paul Pasternak - Blissfield, Michigan
paul pasternak  @ m sn . co m
Aline Lamastus - Hilo, Hawaii
bettyjane 042920  @ yahoo. co m
Lewis Austin - Ipswich, Massachusetts
lewis austin  @ gmail. co m
Ginny - Scranton, Pennsylvania mo gel 64  @ yahoo. c om
Cecil Ray Young, Jr. - Duluth, Minnesota wea sel _ 123 @ yahoo. c om
Elenora G. Akin - Green Valley, Arizona
azq wen 1  @ cox . n et
Russell Dallen, Sr. - Detroit, Michigan
ahri man 1 _ zyx @ y ahoo. c om
Thomas A. Ventimiglia - Jackson, Tennessee common law 58 @ g mail. c om
Susan Counts - Pacific, Missouri
sues house @   c harter.  n et
Charles Doyle - Adairsville, Georgia
cdoyle dpd  @ ya hoo. c om
Jim Evert - Crescent City, California
jime vert  @ h otmail. co m
Carol Dallen - Midland, Michigan
ms dalle n  @ ya ho o .  co m
Steven Davis - Grand Junction, Colorado slde 2 @  bres nan . n et
Yoshiyah Shamuwel - Texarkana, Texas
yoshi yah 20 05  @  ya hoo .  c om
Richard J. Butts - Flagstaff, Arizona
torah - one  @ npg cable .  c om
Daniel - Odon, Indiana dan ny . da rling ton  @ navy . m il
Robert Cox - Blackshear, Georgia
robert - shan non  @ live . c om
Jason - Fairbanks, Alaska stan k foote @ hotmail . c om
Marie - Hampton, Virginia marie lble wis  @  yahoo  .  c om
Kathryn Rolfe - Denver, Colorado
kathryn 4218 @  gmail  .  com
Yusofa - Brooklyn, New York na . ruachwalker @ yahoo . com
Elaine Davis - Grand Junction, Colorado
ea davis @ bresnan . net
Colonel T. L. Harlan - Fort Meade, Maryland
patriots press  @ m sn . co m
Ann McDavitt - Monticello, Illinois
mc davitt6 @  yaho o . c om
Jonathan I. Medley - Smiths Station, Alabama
ps ychj ew  @  gmail  .  c om
Sarah - Saint Joseph, Michigan
sarah rose19 51  @  gmail .  c om
Ron Anderson - Superior, Wisconsin
and co  @ embarq ma il  .  co m
Matthew Arturs Zabarovskis - Woodstock, Georgia latvian 11  @ yah o o  .  c om
Jeff - Bakersfield, California
jeffrey . portell@ ya hoo . c om
Rob Osborn - Chelsea, Michigan re_ osborn sbc global .n et
Calvin Easter - Tulsa, Oklahoma c_ easter 36 78inbox .c om
Ron Cheney - New York, New York ron cheney 35 70@ g mail . co m
Michael Dallen - Detroit, Michigan m dall en @ 1stco venant . o rg
Leila Cook - Livingston, Tennessee sew crafty 1 @ ymail . co m
Tony Linn - Anaheim, California tlin n 68 @ aol .c om
Aaron Bowers - Sylva, North Carolina as bowers @ gma il . co m
Phyllis Palacios - Gilbert, Arizona phillip babb 12 2 @ gm ail . c om
Luis Carmona - Seffner, Florida luis carmona @ ya hoo . c om
Amy Boiles - Denver City, Texas amy boiles @ gmail . co m
James Swanson - Gastonia, North Carolina reita jim @ mac . co m
Sonia C. - Tolleson, Arizona soni 623 @ gmail . co m
Doris Knight - Tulsa, Oklahoma truth det @ sbcglobal . ne t
Felisa Gan - Arleta, California ving man @ msn . co m
Keith K. - Slanesville, West Virginia serenity knoll @ yahoo . co m
Truman Dean - Alturas, California billybud _ sailor @ yahoo . co m
George Alan Zaldivar - Miami, Florida g 59 az @ aol . co m
Colin - Houma, Louisiana coolinb @ yahoo . co m
Melody A. - Phoenix, Arizona ma benn @ w indstream . n et
Selmar - Gainesville, Florida ola m12 @ h otmail . co m
Carolyn F. - Columbus, Ohio fla girl 0 @ h otmail . c om
Roberto Ramirez Candelaria - Orlando, Florida consejo _ sabio @ y ahoo . com
Bill and Jean Hanson - Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin bj hanson @ green baynet . c om
Rabbi Israel (Scott) Seldowitz - New York (Brooklyn), New York go . hebrew @ g mail . co m
Helen O'Connor - Kerrville, Texas Contact First Covenant for this address 10/8/10
Jennifer Stewart - Alachua, Florida jenny stew @ live . co m
Donald Anglin - Lake Charles, Louisiana red patrio t 77 @ gmail . co m
Marc Cain - New York, New York marc cain 65 @ yahoo . co m
William J. Jones - Freeburg, Illinois wj 817 6 @ gmail . co m
Anthony Olivas - Fresno, California p 8 riot 76 @ hotmail . co m
Bill Hanson - Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin bh hanso n @ green bay net . co m
Bob Lee - Owasso, Oklahoma bo bby le e 7 @ aol . com
Dr. James Daniel Tabor - Charlotte, North Carolina j d tab or @ u n c c . ed u
Terrance Feeney - Tampa, Florida fe ene y 3 3 6 @ m sn . c om
William Clark DeLashmutt - Farmville, Virginia b il lyd 1 2 035 3 @ m sn . c om
Cynthia Bjerrum - Mitchell, South Dakota cy nt hi ab je rru m @ tr ail eze . c om
Leila Cook - Livingston, Tennessee bi ndingt hread s @ y a ho o . c o m
Rock Conner - Dallas (Metro Atlanta), Georgia r o c kco nn er @ g mai l . com
Michael Northup - North Kingston, Rhode Island M r n ort hu p @ c o x . n et
Katrina Forney - Western U.S. a n g el 54 0 @ ym ai l . co m
Jamie Thacker - Wasilla, Alaska j t h a ck e r 19 9 9 @ ya ho o . co m
Raymond Hughes - Salt Lake City, Utah s im chat t or ah @ y ah oo . c o m
Jose - Tucson, Arizona k jm in is t ry @ l i v e . c o m
John Culver - Killeen, Texas j c ul ve r@ h ot. r r . com
Marilyn - Miramar, Florida h echa va rri2 00 1 @ gm ai l . c om
Melvin Michael McCray - Wichita, Kansas m m cc ra y 4 @ c o x . n e t
Carolyn Heffron - Federal Way, Washington c a reb ea r 2 1 35 6 @ y aho o . c om
Aliza Gutierrez-Medina - Rochester, New York al iza yaf fagu tier rez @y ah oo . c om
Azucena Narciso - Towson, Maryland b a b e _ n a rc iso @ m s n . c o m
Mimi Holder - Brunswick, Georgia R ufu sa nds an dr a @ co mcas t . c om
Aminadav Vigneau - Santa Fe, New Mexico t _ v ig n ea u @ y aho o . c om
Brenda Lee Rosen - Knoxville, Tennessee b r en d a _ r os en @ l i v e. co m
Rev. Jose - Tucson, Arizona k j m i n is t r y @ l iv e . c om
Vitov Valdes-Munoz II - Vineland, New Jersey v i tin . jun i @ ya ho o . c om
Gary Miller - Milford, Michigan g m p hot o @ c omc a st . n et
Jerry M. George - Cape Cod, Massachusetts is lan ds q ue st @ ho tma il . c om
Betsy Greenaker - Sanbornville, New Hampshire b gr ee nak e r @ g ma il . co m
Derrell Forshee - Tempe, Arizona d er re llf @gmai l . c om
Calie R. Easter - Tulsa, Oklahoma c _ e a s te r 3 67 8 @ i nb ox . co m
Rebecca (Reba) - Dover, Florida r 4 li l dr agonf l i es @ ya h o o . c om
Rebecca Reynolds - Sierra Vista, Arizona r r re ynol ds 5 7 @ gma il. co m
William Hodge - Edison, New Jersey i n tr o ver te dlo g i c @ g ma il. c om
John Bradford - Leonia, New Jersey j m jm b r as @a o l. co m
Jim Downs - Derwood, Maryland j im _ d o w ns@ c o m ca
Stacie - Sherwood, Arkansas dan ceb e4 God @ g mai l . c o m
Joel Bjorling - Gilson, Illinois b j or li ng @ ga le s b ur g . ne t
Kenneth Farrow - Lubbock, Texas ke nn et h f ar ro w @ su d de nl i nk. n et
Cindy - Olympia, Washington c e da ra ndf i r @ y a ho o . c om
Michael Jones - North Port, Florida m i c h a e l j n c f l @ g m a i l. c o m
Mary Stone - Fort Lauderdale, Florida m ar yi sn o tcon tr ary @ y ah oo . c om
Joanne - Sioux Falls, South Dakota R u s her m o m @ g ma il . c o m
Joel Bjorling - Gilson, IL
bj orling @galesburg. net
Thompson B. Crozier - Brooklyn cyber treb uchet@ gmail. com
Adam James - Pascagoula, MS Cra zyhors e1961@g mail. com
John "Thunder" Davis - Laurel, MS jtd stat@ gmail .com
Crystal Stivers - Federal Way, Wa cry st al.stiver s@g mail. com
Julia Taylor - San Angelo, TX otters sil ver@ yahoo .com
John - Macomb, IL Jo hnben noah@ live .com
James Swanson - Gastonia, NC Jim. swan son11 @yahoo .com
Michael Jerome Grady - Hastings, NE i ly wam h@hotm
B.R. Vaughn - Lexington, TN vaug hnbi lly1886 @ g mail .com
Troy Zeiner - Fillmore, IN troy2 92@ yaho
Stephen Jarrard - Rockmart, GA str enght toescape @yah oo. com
Adam Neira - Paris mosh iach_p roduc tions@yah oo. com
Don Beadles - Alva, OK her mene utics21 @ ya
Craig Pantzlaff - Bettendorf, IA artp rintb ycraig @gma l. com
Uzi - Orange, Ca uzite aches @ a
Evangeline Burns - Redmond, WA Eva burns81 8@ ya
Yitzchak Zohar Tzadik - Jakarta Timur, Indonesia Hash ola ndn
Timothy kiger - Clinton, NC Tim othy ki ger 2005@yah
Craig Pantzlaff - Bettendorf, IA Clearpo intart @ g
Darryl Bishop - Cleveland, TN Darr ylr bisho p@g
Robin Geller-Epperson - Tatum, NM Star.sp arkler @ yahoo. com
Rueven Baeza - R uben. baeza 36@g mail. com
Ted Smith - Paradise, CA ts mith89 71@ sbcg lobal .net
Eric Williams - Evanston eh william s 1110@ g mail,com
Marcie Hatfield - Murrieta, Ca m johat @ h
William Sterling - Phoenix, AZ s ter l noah @ g mail .com
Rosalinda Baeza - Lubbock, TX lady t034@ aol. com
Gerald Katz - Perris, CA gs zkatz @ earth link. net
Rosalie LaSaracina - Flushing, New York Rosalie LaSaracina - Flushing, New York
Andrew Lawrence Bass - Coventry, RI C hu bbymen sch@ g mail. com
Brad K Whitley - Wilson, NC W hitlet br adley k @ g ma
Dene` Jones - Liverty, MO Picture my li fe@ a tt. net
Ibis Rojas - Woonsocket, RI ibis medin aroja s@gm
Garrison Lorey - Durant, OK gslo rey@ho
Jarrod Tovrea - Centralia, WA cmir aclesdo happ en@ gma
Dale Marsh - Indianapolis, IN dalem arsh77@yah m
Barry Huffman - Memphis, TN rbhu ffma n01@ yah
Timothy Rose - Monroe, MI timothy.lee.r ose@g m
Benjamin Coronal - Lynn, MA co ro nel@li ve.c om
Patrick J. Villalonga - Miami, Fl pvi ll01 5@
Noah schechter - Oak Park, MI Fo urbla cksh eep2@ao
Richard E. Collins - Spanaway, WA rit chy@ com cast.n et
Bonnie Bartel - Munising, MI bba rte l@ym ma
Dave Tuttle - Ravena, NY tutz 1974@yah m
Phillip Daniel - Riverside, CA ph illipw djr@y
Jeffrey Gillen - Greenville, NC jeff _gi llen@ yahoo. com
Jo Lynne Pelletier - Federal Way, WA JL WPell tier@msn .co m
John - St. Clair Shores, MI hig h land3 57@hotmail. com
Steve Hardt - Brandenton, FL stev en p hardt@g
Maria Wright - Section, AL wr igh ria71@ya hoo.c om
Will Melnyk - Monteagle, TN w.wil lia m.mel nyk@
Del Wright - Section, AL wrig ht.mari a71@ yah
Elizabeth Allweiss - Inkster, MI sta rlitdre ams2@
Vitov Valdes-Munoz - Los Angelas, CA.  
Taalibuddin al-Ansare - Raymond, MO alan sare0 1@gm
Charles Williams - Youngstown, Oh usc gm an3@ yaho
Matthew Atwell - Boise, ID ma tth ewatwell @hotm
N.D.M. - Las Vegas, NV  
marcus giancana - Topeka, KS fa rrar rol ando62 @yaho
Mary Ethelda Viczei - Pageland, SC ma cze i@ho tmail.c om
Ken Swarm - Fair Oakes, CA KS warm@ya hoo .co m
Lohn T. Booker- Monroeville, AL joh nbo oker11 22@g
Jerry Manuel - Dequincy, LA er jmanue l@gm ai
Anthony & Valerie - Fresno, CA ora htru th4me @g mail .com
Rex Yeagley - Hoodsport, WA re x@th eyeag m
Nancy Sams - Oxford, GA ms@y ahoo .c om
Nicole Warden - Bethal Park, PA Nicole pa sta@verizon.n et
Devora Carter - Miami Beach, FL mi ckisthe one@ya
Candace Gilson - Claremont, NH can dacegi lson 49
Brenda Smith - Cohutta, - GA smi thbre nda399@g
John Esposito - Grove Village, IL esp o83@ y aho o.c om
Cynthia R. Simmons - ath omedesign s@w oh.r
Kristin - Colville, WA Kr ist nBeth Cooper48
William Sterling - Phoenix, AZ ster bil l@co
Dan Taylor - Visalia, CA pda ntaylo r@gm
Ross Nichols - Saint Francisville, CA ros sknichols @m
Kenneth Guentert - Colorado Springs, Co kgu entert @gmai
Eric Laus - Detroit, Mi em lau s11 34@ gm
Jim McAuley - Bakersfield, CA mc aule y267 @yahoo .com
Elizabeth Allweiss - Inkster, MI star litdr eams2
Dale Hurley - Fancy Gap, VA da le-hu rley@ ju
Sharon Swanson - Naperville, IL sa swan son2002@ho
Matthew Atwell - Bakersfield, CA m atthe watwe ll@hot mail .com
Selena Lofton - Jackson, MS se len arhea @outl
Ronald Allen - Hollywood, FL ro nallen 1971@ya
David Starcher - Charleston, WV dst archer5 00@gmai
Keely Rogers - Carson City,NV kly rgrs@ya hoo. com
Stuart Spears - Irving Texas bigs tu27@ho mail. com
Yaakov Noris - Lexington,Virginia jpa inori s@g
David Starcher - South charleston dstar cher500@gm ail. com
Miriam Levinson - Phildelphia, PA m i ri imi@ a
Canada, Mexico and Overseas
Ievgen Khvalkov - Florence, Italy c osmad amin an@ mail . ru
Gutman Locks - Jerusalem

G utma n1@013 . net

Justine Amadi Darlington - Lagos, Nigeria scr ipt4raw @ ya hoo . c om
Phang - Melaka, Malaysia bene dict. singh  @ y ahoo. c om
Neil Maybanks - Brisbane, Australia
may banks @  y ahoo .  co m . au
Stella H. Howell - Wokingham, United Kingdom stella @ eco . u k
Annette Perry - Melbourne, Australia annettep errry sm ith @ yahoo. co. au
DM - Cagayan de Oro, Philippines Dm.arbois @ y ahoo. c om
Milton Kaetovuhu - Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
milton @  o nline . net . pg
Saji - Mumbai, India
sajich elengra  @  g mail .  c om
Manu Francis Matthew - Bangalore, India
franc is10ind  @  gmail .  c om
Saleh - Beirut, Lebanon sa leh 82 @ g mail. c o m
Stephen I. Ternyik - Munich, Germany

stephen Jehucal @ web. de (or go to:

Ler Hock Poh Arthur - Singapore artl er @ signet. com. sg
Scott Plummer - Port Hardy, British Columbia (Canada)
thep addingtons @ r ocketmail.  c om
Efreign - Manila, Philippines
the1 whos ee @ y ahoo. co m
Valerie Bush - Bristol, England (United Kingdom) tarta sus  @  y ahoo. c om. uk
Jacqueline Delaney - Brisbane, Australia
jacque dela ney @ y ahoo. c om. au
Jack Bering Kalipenta - Lusaka, Zambia
jac kb @ p actzambia. o rg
Edgar Esquivel - Cartago, Costa Rica
hay esod 5 @ g mail. c om
John Bannach - Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
law s onj @ r ogers. co m
Eliezer K. - Nairobi, Kenya kakar izz f astmail. f m
Cate Eastwood - Leicester, United Kingdom
cate. east wood @ n tlworld. c om
Yoshiyahu - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

noachi sm @  gmail. c om

Abraham A. Villegas - Davao City, Philippines
abe 64p h @ yahoo. c om
Nelius J. - Midrand, South Africa neliu sj @ absamail. c o. a
Basant P - Australia basant.puri@ csc.mrc. a c. uk
Nzewi uchenna - Onitsha, Nigeria

nzewireuche @ hotmail. c o m

Ken G. - Erskine Australia kgraydon@ skinegrove. c o m. a u
Eugene - Johannesburg, South Africa eugene @ tigertiger. c o. za
Frances (Rachav) Makarova - Melbourne , Australia ... Frances moderates Noahides @ 

fan @ ihug. com. au   Visit her websites: and

Bill S. - Burlington , Ont. (Canada) shonento (at) y ahoo. c om
Pamela Cremer - Brighton, United Kingdom
rinah32 @ y ahoo. co m
Eugenio L. - Canada s iriu s 2 @ y ahoo. ca
Willy P. - Paris, France willy. ml kl @ h otmail. fr
Julien H. - Paris , France jhanoka @ h otmail. fr
Himesh M. - India hmo vey @ h otmail. com
Jacky - Antananarivo, Madagascar mami tianajacky @ h otmail. com
Daniel P. - India @ sancharnet. i n
Enoch B. - Gujarat State , India enoch basker @ y ahoo. co. in
Yosef B. - India omed yashar @ y ahoo. com
Naomi & Sefanja S. - The Netherlands naomi. smit @ zonnet. nl   Visit their website:
Nadeem I. - Pakistan nadeemxy2000 @ yahoo .com
Angelica V. - Philippines  
Jill Taylor - Auckland, New Zealand
kc.ta ylor @ xtra . co . nz
A.V. Corpus - Philippines ahavah2001 @ yahoo. com
Ruel - Philippines avc3671 @ yahoo. com
Michelle G. - Sweden michelle.gylle npalm @ sitserv. se
Tony C. United - Kingdom ton y@cor ke r.wan adoo.c o . uk
David S. - Harrogate , United Kingdom armisis @ gmail. com
Kazimir H.- Wales, United Kingdom kazikhubertz @ yahoo. com
Hans-Joachim Steinsiek - Essen, Germany erle @ verlag-steinsiek. de
Tom Toogood - Gateshead, NSW (Australia) ecoed @  au
Vincenza P. (Location not for publication) mogel64 @ yahoo. com
Marianne Salamon Dove - Lynden, Ont. (Canada) marianne . dove @ gmail. com
Odii Uche - Lagos, Nigeria
rv383nem @ yahoo. com
Linda M Fudge
Louisbourg, Nova Scotia (Canada)
lfudge @ seascape. ns. ca
Michelle Hawkins - London, United Kingdom shells. online @ ntlworld. com
Neil Maybanks - Brisbane, Australia neil. maybanks @ gmail. com
Amuela Asher - North Bay, Ontario (Canada)
amuela 2 u @ yahoo. com
Tom Carew - Dublin, Ireland
tm carew @ yahoo. com
James D. Regehr - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (Canada)
jdr @ prof-regehr. com
Wolfram Weiland - Muenster, Westfalia (Germany)
weila ndw @ uni-muenster. de
Aquiles Hernandez - Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
warning _ viru s_ found @ hotmail. com
Vicky H. Purves - Auckland, New Zealand victoria ghp @ yahoo. com
Chanda Bwelele - Lusaka, Zambia chandab welele @ yahoo. com
Daniela Thomas - Augsburg, Germany
thomas. daniela @ hotmail. de
David Green - Vereeniging, South Africa
green @ qeynos . servers host. net
Merivict Pearl Murillo - Legazpi City, Philippines
winter gnome @ rock etmail . com
Mhinas - Wulfrath, Germany mhinas @ jesus . de
Neville McPherson - Bethania, Australia s _ mcpherson @ live .com. au
Gidon Ariel - Ma'ale Adumim, Israel
jerusalem @ holy city prayer. com
Nicholas Tkatschuk - Lublin, Poland
nickjt @  wp. pl
Dimitar Kosev - Kazanlak, Bulgaria
ben noah @ abv . bg
Amit Kumar - Ranchi, India
am it zo r ba  @ g ma il . com
Anthony Smith Uche - Johannesburg, South Africa
smith 4 south @ g mail . com
Frank - Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada) frank sumner @  ymail .  com
Istifanus Gagava - Nigeria istif an usg aga  @  yahoo . com
Sandra Bell - Tauranga, New Zealand
voleta 2000  @  yahoo . com . au
Helen - Melbourne, Australia helenh 45  @  gmail . com
Reda-Lene Spilhaus - George, South Africa
reda lene @ g mail  .  com
Jose Lazar - Muntinlupa City, Philippines
Annette Perry - Melbourne, Australia annette perry smith @ ya hoo . co. au
Franklin Roulf Silva - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil franklin roulf @ hotmail . com
Diana Garrett - United Kingdom  
Janine Blackman - Piarco, Trinidad & Tobago janine _blackman @ ya hoo . com
J.M. Arslan - Zwolle, The Netherlands jmar slan @ home . nl
Mattitjahu K. - The Hague, The Netherlands mattitj ahu2000 @ yahoo . co . uk
Arturo Amparado - Manila, Philippines aamp arado @ hot mail . com
Yvonne Lowes-Bird - Swansea, Wales (United Kingdom) y l b @ l b7 . c o . u k
Rev. Azar Parichha - Jamshedpur, India aj ar par ic h ha @ g m a i l . c o m
Philip Gould - Dover, England (U.K.) g . un i t8 15 @ g m a i l . c o m
Gershon Weinberger - Jerusalem, Israel g pw ei nb er ge r @ g m a il . com
David - Port Perry, Ontario (Canada) d m s m @ po we rg at e . ca
Carl - Pretoria, South Africa c a rl @ v u l a m ehl o . c o . za
Claude Grivegnee - Liege, Belgium c l a ude . gr ive gn e e @ li v e . b e
Tommy Barnabas Dahl - Roenne, Denmark t omm y . ba rnab as @ g m ail . c om
Meg - Wadebridge, England (United Kingdom) me g . r os e 1 9 @ g ma i l. c om
Peter Desmier - Montreal, Quebec (Canada) d es m i e r @ v i d e o t ro n . c a
David Dryden - Milton Keynes, England (U.K.) h ese dy a hu @ y aho o . c o. u k
Gabriele Palm-Funke - Leipzig, Germany g p a l m f un ke @ a o l . c o m
Debra A. Kerkkonen - Rock Creek, British Columbia (Canada) d e br a - an ne - ker ko k on en @ h o t m a i l . c a
Rev. Herbert - Visakhapatnam, India h o l y h e a ls 7 @ g m a i l. c om
Hans van Schaik - Pretoria, South Africa h va ns ch a i k @ g ma i l . c o m
Malik Sumeem - Pak Maliks umeem@g mail. com
Ferdinand Malapit - Caloocan City, Philippines wi tr ib ef er dz @ y a ho o . c o m
Yehoshua Friedman - Kochav Hashachar, Israel g oyish ere bbe@ g mail. com
David Aiello - Toronto, Ontario David. Aie llo @ bload van tax . com
Gabriela - Mevaseret Zion, Israel gan li bi@yah oo. com
Ludwig Alexander Deglmann - Bonn, Germany Intern ationalEliteS tudent8098 12@yahoo .com
WatchMen - Jerusalem, Israel wat chmenf rom m
Tzirel Rus Kriger (Sheryl Blalock) - Beitar, Israel K rig er @n eto.
Mark Grewar - Beaconsfield Tasmania gr ewar @li ve.c om
Stephane Larochelle - Gatineau, QUE r3@y ahoo .ca
Mira - Warszawa, Poland Ku pe jeva @ gm
MJ Brisson - Ottawa, ON mar iejosee dan@g mail. com
Veronica Campbell - St. Georges, Canada ve roncam 60@ho tmai
Ashly - kohima, India as hley tyger5 0@facebo
Mark Grewar - Beaconsfield, Australia gre war@
James Wilson - Toronto ji m_mari lynw@r
Pastor Leo Boimah Brosius - Monrovia, Liberia leobr osius @gmail .com
Massiel Castro - Juarez, Mexico Mas si el.del po zo@ yahoo . com
Michael Gehrmann-Gacasa - Kenilworth, United Kingdom gint ren0 7@gmail .com
Marc Schwachhofer - Germany marcsc hwac hhofe
Anfrísio Rodrigues Neto - Sorocaba, Brazil si lvinisi o@gm
Nicanor Jerry Arnaiz Grino Jr. - Phillipines nican o jeerr y@ya hoo . com
Chukwuemeka Ahamefule - Biafra, Nigeria Mek isolem eka@g

Email addresses are listed as they are above so that Internet search engines can't gather them.

Call to Me, and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and hidden things which you do not know.
Jeremiah 33:3

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