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Thank you for creating this website, I discovered it through an Arutz Sheva article about the Sanhedrin working with Bnai Noach, which was in turn provided to us by one of our Jewish friends in Denver.

After spending my first 35 years in the standard evangelical Christian movement, my wife and I were drawn out of the church to find more of G-d. The path led through a local messianic congregation and then out the other side to a choice of either Jewish conversion or Bnai Noach. We were one of several families and individuals who left this congregation at roughly the same time and since then some of us have undergone orthodox conversions while the rest pursued Bnai Noach. We all (both Jews and Bnai Noachs) stay in touch and presently our family meets with one other Bnai Noach family on Shabbos for worship and eats, Monday for Bible study. We also stay connected to the orthodox communities in both Boulder and Denver.

Toughest part of these changes? Discarding the G-d-in-human-form concept without fearing eternal damnation. However Hirsch’s Torah commentary was a wonderful guide for this transition. How often have I thanked Hashem for both Hirsch and his grandson who translated it to English!

Do keep us posted on upcoming events, etc. and feel free to post my comments on the website. Yup, we are definitely interested in finding others, participating in or teaching classes, etc. It's a little lonely but it's getting less lonely as Messiah's footsteps approach, no?



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