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Discover the seven touchstones of higher consciousness - of revolutionary God-consciousness.

Get in touch with the elemental forces of the universe - by getting in touch with the Bible and what it's really teaching. Learn how the First Covenant - the Noahide Covenant - fits together with Israel and Sinai and Apocalypse

What's the word on The Rainbow Covenant?

At long last we have a practical and learned treatment of this vital subject... truly and obviously a MOST wonderful work
Dr. James Tabor, University of North Carolina (Chair, Dept. of Religious Studies, author of The Jesus Dynasty, )



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Die hilfreichsten Kundenrezensionen

Von Stephen I. Ternyik on 12. August 2014
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe
This is a very practical guide to Noahide Torah study and action; it focuses on Noahide Torah learning in application and for making progress in everyday spiritual life. It is one of the best books on this universal subject for human ethical advancement and learning about the divine blueprint of reality. Self-empowerment, learned optimism and free association are encouraged by this publication which is the result of in-depth Torah learning: Stephen I. Ternyik/Beth Avraham/Munich

Reviewer: Lrogers "LR" (Tulsa, Okla.)
The Rainbow Covenant is the number one book on what it truly means to live in this world according to God's design. Easy to read and understand, Mr Dallen documents everything he writes with sources from Biblical, Talmudic, and other writings. I would strongly recommend this book to every person with a desire for education and learning on any level, regardless of their current beliefs. If you are searching for truth, you need this book.

Reviewer: G. Klein (Germany)

Addressed to the young as well as the old, one may use this book which is packed with ancient wisdom as an excellent source for the classroom or prompt for further studies. Given the dearth of research on the subject matter it is a pioneer's work which, though occasionally controversial, is extremely well-documented and written. When reading just a few chapters of it, one can't help but fall in love with Judaism and the First Commandment, the ultimate root of the 7 Universal Laws and the very backbone of justice, freedom, and human dignity.

The Rainbow Covenant is excellent, I recommend it highly

Reviewer: Rachav (Victoria, Australia)

The Rainbow Covenant is a well written and easily understood book, especially for the lay person. It explains many of the details of the Noahide laws and their application. At the end of each chapter all the references are supplied, along with further explanations, which I found most helpful.
I have a number of books on the Noahide Laws but this book is, in my opinion, the best one for anyone who is seeking to learn more about how to live by them than any of the previous books I have read on this subject.
If you buy no other book on the Noahide Laws, this is the one to buy.

The Rainbow Covenant is a gem of a book

Its gifted author has done a remarkable job in bringing together important primary source material on many profound and eternal ideas. But that's not all. He does so in such an inventive, creative way. Perhaps most dazzling, though, is the fact that this book will be as nourishing to the scholar as it will be to the beginner. Michael Dallen is an extremely talented educator.

Besides the Amazon review, above, the writer, Arthur Kurzweil, also sent the author this personal note: I just read, from cover to cover, your book. It's superb! I am now asking my father, age 83, to read it.

Arthur Kurzweil (author, editor and publisher - San Francisco)

A revolutionary, life-changing book

Michael Dallen's The Rainbow Covenant is a true roadmap to a better world, a peaceful, dynamic, wholesome world. There are laws, it explains, that apply to all people, regardless of their faith or creed. And then, in beautifully simple terms, it lays out those laws. This is a revolutionary, life-changing book.

— Suzanne Carrol (Dallas)

A life-changing book

When I was feeling lost during my search for a spiritual home a few years ago, an acquaintance told me about Noahism, the Bible's God-given Universal Law for all people. I began searching for books on the subject and ultimately read quite a few; The Rainbow Covenant is the best. Mr. Dallen writes on a holy subject with reverence, intelligence, logic, clear analysis, and humor. The book is a warm and loving introduction to God's universal moral law. It is an education in itself, and is thoroughly researched. A reader will take pleasure in learning how to get directly to classic sources and will find joy in receiving accurate information on God's universal moral absolutes. No one should be without this book. (It also feels good in the hands; readers will know what I mean.)

— Christean R., "Ms Coyote" (Ojai, California)

"The" Guide to the 7 Laws

More in-depth than the Clorfene & Rogalsky-authored "Path of the Righteous Gentile" and more reader-friendly than Aaron Lichtenstein's "The Seven Laws of Noah," this book is really "the" guide to the 7 Laws. Whether you are a Jew or non-Jew; a practicing Ben/Bat Noach or one who is simply interested in learning more, "The Rainbow Covenant" and its author, Michael Ellias Dallen, will tell you all that you need to know. Also, visit the accompanying Web site. . . .

Heather F., "World Traveler" (Orange County, California)

Exquisitely Intelligent!

Finally, a book that is fit to be studied by Noachides at many different levels. For the beginner the book is written to provide clear and concise information on the Noachide Laws. The Advanced student isn't excluded. The richness of Dallen's research and notes provides years of study. This book is the ideal textbook for a class on the Noachide Laws.

— A. Penrod (Dallas, Texas)

Explores and illuminates God's universal laws of morality

I have read Michael Dallen's book The Rainbow Covenant. It is a very readable yetpainstakinglyresearched book exploring and illuminating G-d's universal Laws of Morality according to Jewish tradition. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in knowing what Jewish tradition considers every human's obligations to G-d and his fellow man.

— Rabbi Eliezer Cohen (Oak Park, Michigan)

A Must-Read for every Christian

I loved this book, and would recommend it to every Christian.

He has a friendly, well-researched but "non-schoolmastery" approach to teaching this subject.

I wish more Christians understood "the law" as the Jewish Faith the "Teachings and Instructions of G-d that help you fly straight like an arrow and hit the mark". (Sin is "missing the mark.") Visualize a target, with G-d's righteousness as the "bullseye". It is soooooo not the policeman idea that many Christians have about G-d.

So many things in Christainity would sound different if Christians really understood the Jewish Faith and the historical, religious and cultural basis which formed both Judaism and Christianity.

This book is a great INTRODUCTION to a subject that has been sorely neglected in the Christian Faith...the Torah, the Commandments, the "Everlasting Covenant" that G-d proclaimed as being "Not too hard for is neither in the heavens that someone should have to bring it down for you, or across the Sea that someone should have to go get it for is very near you, it is in your mouth and in your heart so you may obey it. You have before you the choices of Life and live, follow these commandments" (My paraphrase, Deut. 30 11-17) Jesus claimed that following the commandments would lead to eternal life and the "Kingdom of Heaven/G-d" (which is NOT "heaven" as Christianity teaches!). If Jesus taught, following the commandments, that none would be abolished until the end of time, and claimed them as the way to eternal life, then shouldn't every Christian investigate the "Teachings and Instructions of G-d" (aka the "law") and find out what we might be missing?

Every commandment of G-d was issued to help us learn to love Him and to allow us to transcend our own wants and desires to become more like Him. The Jewish Faith was the first to call us to become more like G-d, rather than making the gods look like us. If becoming more like G-d is your goal, this book will call you to a higher and deeper walk with G-d.

A timely and wonderful book that will start you on the path to a completely different understanding of the Bible and your relationship with G-d.

D. Foster, "The Printer Lady" (Snohomish, Washington) August 22, 2005

At last -

What a joy to read this book about the Noachide laws!

As an observant jew, I have long searched for a book to give non-jewish friends information about these little-known laws that is readable, accurate, and interesting. Michael Dallen's book fits the bill to a T and a bit more...

It is a wonderful primer for those who know nothing and yet has enough information for an advanced student of the laws to continue their studies. I was very happy to see the book explain and do away with some common misconceptions regarding judaism and the noachide laws, too. For those out there who maintain that there exists a grand jewish conspiracy, with the jews putting themselves at top and everyone else at the bottom this book explains in real, concrete, practical terms what the seven laws of Noah really mean. The details are to be worked out by every country by themself, as long as they conform to the basic law. No jew will lord over others.

In fact, Dallen makes it clear that the only thing which really distinguishes jews from non-jews is that jews must follow more laws, and jews have more responsibility to their creator and the creation.

Most of the ethical/legal struggles of today are issues that have already been debated from every possible angle and decisions have been arrived at by jewish sages already hundreds of years ago. It is not enough to read the bible, you must also know how to take the general laws there and expound them into detailed laws. the jews have inherited keys to interpretation direct from Mount Sinai. Without those keys it is not possible to take something vague like "love your neighbor as yourself" and know exactly what that means in every possible situation. Terry Schiavo? The law has already defined what is permissible there. Abortion? also. And what may surprise the uninformed, the law is fluid and deals with each and every nuance of circumstance.

I think Michael Dallen has also successfully depicted the beauty of the law, so often described as being dry and legalistic. But these laws express beauty in their apparent simplicity and yet complexity of detail. They were meant to express harmony, harmony is their nature, and a world of beauty (if they are lived) is their outcome.

Thank you for this book!

Shoshana Clark (Safed, Israel) August 30, 2005

A wonderful, timely book

What does our Creator require of the Children of Noah? 'The Rainbow Covenant' speaks to the heart of every human being. As an observant Jew, I thought I knew this subject, but I was amazed at the complexity of the details of these seven essential universal principles. Presented in a very readable, engaging book, there is a flow from one to the other, bringing a richness of the scope of each one. For instance, the author brings a concept that the negative commandments cannot be truly fulfilled without doing the opposite--the positive: the opposite of blaspheming Gd is to sanctify His Name. With the numerous pages of references notes, this book can be studied time and again, on ever deeper levels. Of the books on this subject, this is the best I have read. Every so often a book comes into our world from Heaven; 'The Rainbow Covenant' is one of these.

— Miriam Ben-Yaacov (San Diego)

A must read for everyone - September 6, 2005

Michael Dallen's book, "The Rainbow Covenant" is a must read for everyone. I have studied "The Seven Laws of Noah" for several years and have found Michael Dallen's book a great read for both the novice and the serious student. This book is both wide in scope and inclusive. You do not need to be a religious person to read "The Rainbow Covenant" for it is the stuff that nations are built on.

Terry D. King

Now, the True Rainbow Covenant for All

I have read The Rainbow Covenant by Dallen, it is really an excellent work by a genius. The whole material presented in a simple and effective for anybody to understand and follow the Covenant.

The greatness of the book lies in the author's honesty with the facts - Nothing has been changed, twisted or mutilated. This makes this books a wonderful for reading - while traversing thru the Truth. The more you go in depth the more you are involved in it. It is a wonderful experience.

The Rainbow Covenant ultimately restores the proper mental, spiritual attitude that is all important for man to connect with God.

A must read for everybody whether Jew or Gentile. It is an experience worth going through The Rainbow Covenant.

— Ramaswamy Kannan Nagarajan (Baroda, India)

Universal laws for all nations

The Rainbow Covenant is one of the best books a person can buy on the Universal Laws outlined in the Torah (i.e. Old Testament), for all nations to follow. For individuals wishing to have a greater understanding of what God expects of us in our day to day lives this book is a must read.

— John Muglia (Toronto, Ontario)

If you're looking for answers

The Rainbow Covenant by attorney Michael Dallen is one of those books that once you've picked it up you just can't put it down until you've devoured every word. He informs the reader that the Ten Commandments were never intended for the non-Jew. However, there is a standard for all of us. In ancient times it was known as the Seven Laws for the Children of Noah.

If you're looking for answers, you absolutely must start with the Rainbow Covenant. Even if I didn't acknowledge the existence of a G-d, I'd have still recognized quickly that the contents of this book were extremely beneficial. The first chapter alone was so powerful that it sent a shock wave through me that could only be described as the most intense spiritual arousal that I personally have experienced. It was as though the Torah Laws were standing naked before me that I might witness their incredible brilliance and beauty.

Finally, someone is ready to share with us what the G-d of Israel expects of the non-Jew. Author Michael Dallen has made it easier then ever to understand. Every page is filled with wisdom. . . .

— Theresea Wyatt (Cleveland, Tennessee)

Morally speaking -

I picked up this book at a friend's suggestion. It's rather easy to read and provides an overview of the "Seven Universal Laws" that, according to Jewish tradition, are to be observed by all nations of the world.

If you're worried about your kids being a bit too influenced by "Britney" et al., you'd be smart to grab a copy of this book. It offers a roadmap to living a moral life and it lives up to its billing as the "antidote to today's neo-paganism."

Anonymous ("A reader")

If you want to know what G-d expects of you -

If you want to know what G-d expects of you . . . If you want to know what you're supposed to do in today's amoral world . . . If you're looking for peace of mind, start with The Rainbow Covenant. It's where you find ancient Torah truths written in a style that is not only easy to understand but thoroughly enjoyable. It has everything from idolatry to sacrilege and sex, all written in a scholarly but enlightening way. The Rainbow Covenant became the recipe for my personal growth through G-d's Laws. It was a fast read that put me in touch with how G-d wants me to live my life. I have come back to The Rainbow Covenant again and again. . . .

— Harriet D.

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