Zev ben David -- Philadelphia, PA -- zev_ben_david (at) yahoo.com

I was born Jewish, and raised in a conservative shul. I left after my bar mitzvah and converted to christianity a few years later. After wandering through christianity and messianic belief for a couple years, I came back to Judaism and became a baal tshuvah. For just over two years now I have been attending an orthodox shul in Philadelphia. Last summer, I attended yeshivah Ohr Somayach in Monsey, NY for a few months. This summer (2005) I am going to Israel for 3 months and will be attending ulpan at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in addition to studying at Aish HaTorah and learning with a chavrusa for a while.

Although, I am 21 and do not have much knowledge of Torah and Gemara yet due to my late start, I have encountered many noachides and other goyim interested in converting to orthodox Judaism, and feel the need to make myself available in whatever capacity is possible. From what I read on the contact list, it seems everyone is noachide, but I think that there is not enough widespread support from Jews, and thought it would be good to show my support by adding to the list.

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