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I spent many years in a particular denomination, but could never quit grasp what was being taught. Every Sunday morning I would scan the congregation to see if anyone else looked confused. I felt as though I'd been handed a Delta flight plan to help me understand the laws of physics. I got a lot of useful information, and had no idea how to apply any of it, but I was determined to educate my children. Little did I know that it was freaking them out.

I spent the next 10 years trying other churches. I joined most of them without a second thought. One Sunday morning, apparently the preacher had run out of any thing to talk about. He took a plaque off the wall that displayed the church covenant, and proceeded to explain it. It suddenly occurred to me that I had entered into a mindless contract. It was then that I met Jack and Joan Saunders. Jack was a minister, and Joan and I worked together. We started talking one day, and she invited me to their study center.

Reluctantly I agreed, but I warned her in advance that I didn't want to join a church. I didn't want a religious label. She said that she was fine with that. They were no longer a denomination, but Noahide. The class was interesting to say the least. The only G-d that Jack mentioned was the invisible G-d of Israel. At least this G-d that he was teaching about fit the literature that he was using. Wow. Just imagine. An invisible G-d. This G-d became a great source of inspiration for me.  G-d became a source of wealth and refuge instead of someone to protect. This G-d was more than I could imagine. That experience opened my eyes to a world of possibilities, and literature that had been off limits before.


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