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Until I discovered your website I did not realize I have always been a Noahide. My journey to this point in my life has been very unsettled but I now feel content.

According to my father's religion I was baptized in the Episcopal Church. My family, although not very religious, and worried about the problem of gangs in the Philadelphia public schools, decided to send me to a religious school. It was here, after being introduced to their "hell-fire and brimstone religion" and after spending six hours on my knees, I was "saved".

When I was older I attended the Catholic Church with my brother-in-law and his children. This too was a religion based on fear. I learned if you missed mass there was a chance G-D would strike you down. However, I converted and never missed mass. Everything seemed to be right and I started to read the bible. Although there was much I didn't understand I kept on reading. Filled with questions I asked the priest for answers. He said although there were some things we were not meant to understand I should not worry about it. It made me wonder about a religion whose G-D would strike you down, and whose teachings I was not to question. After that I stopped going to church but continued to read my bible.

When I married I tried to get my husband interested in studying the bible with me. He pretended he like studying but I could tell his heart wasn't in it so I kept studying alone. Sarah was my favorite biblical character and I felt I could identify with her even though I knew the other biblical people so well. Yet, I still believed there was something missing and I tried different translations hoping to have more insight into these people.

Then a time of sorrow came into my life. My husband passed away. Shortly thereafter a tree fell on my horse and killed him. Then my beloved dog, Hallie, passed away. Since I have no children coming home to her was the only reason to go on with my life. Her death was the last straw. I became angry with G-D and yelled at Him hoping He would strike me down and it would be all over. He didn't, and I'm ashamed to admit I gave up reading the bible.

One night after watching the news and seeing all the suffering the people in Israel were going through my heart went out to them. I wondered how they could keep going on with their lives day, after day, with all the terror and fear they endured. I had to admire them and wanted to be more like them. I owed them so much. They brought the truth about one G-D to me Knowing what we do with that truth is up to us. I picked up my bible and started to study again.

I found several sites on the internet like and I have learned from the Rabbis that G-D is loving and cares about His creatures. So when life becomes difficult and problems arise we need to ask ourselves how we can learn from these experiences knowing that G-D is in control.

On the Chabad website I learned about the Seven Laws of Noah and the Rainbow Covenant. I read about them many times in the bible but didn't understand the meaning until I read it through your website. Now, knowing there are others with similar beliefs I would really like to find someone who could help me with the study of Torah. There is so much I need to learn and any help would be greatly appreciated. I live in a small town in central Virginia about 50 miles from Richmond and about 100 miles from Washington D.C. There are very few Jews and no Rabbis in my town. Since I am neither a Jew nor a Christian I would like to fellowship with other Noahides and would enjoy hearing from them. My name is Madeleine and my email address is hallie7201 at



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