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The Rainbow Covenant
The Illustrated Version
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These illustrations all come from Rainbow Covenant. Some people think they detract from the serious nature of the book. Other people like or even love them: they say they help carry the story along. What do you think?




Slavery, violence, tribalism, and all the terrible pathologies
of paganism degraded the human race.



Israel's obligation to transmit God's Universal laws to others is much of the
reason, Israel's Sages wrote, for the Jews' dispersion among the nations.


The Torah Revolution

Less than 35,000 years ago, human culture exploded.



The Seven Commandments in Other Texts

The Hebrews who built the Golden Calf probably
imagined that it was pleasing to God.



The Sibylline Oracles....

Revealed Law

Most respectable people who come from modern literate cultures....



Unfolding the Code




One cannot fully comply with the Noahide law against murder
unless he acts to save the life of the person in danger.



Who Decides What?

God has not restricted Israel
to passive witnessing alone.



Must every convicted criminal be executed?


Dietary Laws



Noah's own story, of a righteous man
reduced to humiliated drunkenness,
is instructive.



Man has no obligation to ask permission from the
natural world's creatures or things when he uses them.



Man can't ignore the pain of animals in the belief
that their pain somehow doesn't matter.



Even the concept of going into the backyard to casually
slaughter the main course of a meal is alien to Israel.



Treating living animals as mere objects to be collected and preserved
alive for the pot tends to harden people to other creatures' suffering.



Unfortunately, physicians and other so-called healers
can be superstitious.


Remember that man-made religion is a contradiction in terms.


Laws against Larceny

The sinner's act of larceny implies that those who sin
against their fellow man won't ultimately be punished.



You shall not "steal" - that is, rape or kidnap - another human being.



You shall not oppress an employee by delaying the payment of his wages.


Sex Laws

Without a prevailing law or morality, wrote Sigmund Freud,
people can become sexually attracted to just about anything.



Adultery can destroy civilizations.



Laws against Murder

Every human life, including the life of one who is terminally ill, is sacred.


Laws against Lawlessness

The state may not use its power to establish a false religion.


A judge must not show special favor to any individual litigant.



Laws against Sacrilege



Man can't direct himself to God's total Purity
when distracted by gross impurities.


Laws against Idolatry

Spell-casting has nothing to do with true prayer.



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Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws

He that sits in Heaven laughs.
Psalms 2:4

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