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Does History Point to God?

Charts by John C.L. Hulley

             And ye shall be holy men unto Me. Exodus 22:31

Scripture - well, Torah - prophesizes that the evidence of God's sublime greatness will build through history, until finally no one can deny it. (See, e.g., Isaiah 2:2, Psalms 105, Ezekiel 37:28).

So, for instance, two "very well-conceived studies," reported in the journal Science, that a "brain-building gene" which plays a crucial role in giving us human intelligence first came on the scene "approximately 5,800 years ago." That was as close as they could date it. See The New York Times, Sept. 9, 2005, p. A-14.

The Torah teaches that the first true man, Adam (and his spouse, Eve), arrived on the scene 5,769 years ago. (2009 corresponds to the Hebrew calendar year 5769).

Scientists believe the gene has something to do with language, improving man's ability to process symbols and language. They are calling it the "Adam gene." See our newsletter: Covenant Connection, February_2006

Much of the evidence for God in the world, and the greatness of His Torah, comes from the People of Israel. (See "How Odd of God. . ." )

These charts, and the comments accompanying them, are borrowed from Rainbow Covenant - which borrowed them from Dr. John C.L. Hulley (a former World Bank economist who eventually converted to Judaism). They tell part of the story:





How odd, of God, to choose the Jews. Lewis Brown

It's not so odd. The Jews chose God.  Leon Roth
Rainbow Covenant, pp. 5, 25.)


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