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Daniel's Story, So Far

From Dimitar K., a Noahide friend of the First Covenant Foundation and of Rainbow Covenant, and his wife, Milena, from their home in Bulgaria.

Michael Dallen to Dimitar: Dimitar, write us something . . .about how you, in Bulgaria, came to 'the essential principles on which society must rest' - and about how you learned. . . how you learned Torah concepts. . . about the nature of G'd ...."

Hi Michael,

The nature of G'd, you say. Let me tell you a story. A couple - he's 47 and she is 40 - decides that the time has come to have their second child. She conceives. In the 2nd month she has a spontaneous abortion. Time goes by but she feels something happens inside her. They go to hospital for "cleansing the remains of abortion." Surprisingly, the doctor says she is pregnant with a healthy baby (we didn't know: she had conceived twins). In October 21st 2007 she bears a baby by Caesarian section. The baby doesn't breathe. It's pre-mature and his lungs are not developed enough for earthly air. The baby is a warrior, though.

Two weeks later the baby - Daniel - becomes #1 of the top 10 survivors in the neonatal emergency care unit. Now Daniel is a beautiful healthy child.This is our son. You can find, below, his picture taken yesterday. (That is, 14 June 5769, 22 Sivan 5769.)

One more thing. The first day (Oct 22nd) I saw my son, entwined with pipes and cables, I surrendered. I said to HaShem: "You are the only source of life. There is no life and power but You. This is my son Daniel. I deliver him to Your arms. It's up to You, shall he live or not. Please just help me to accept Your will, whatever it will be."

This is the nature of HaShem. This is the way He acts - absolutely powerful. And mysterious.

Shalom, DK

Daniel son of Dimitar and Milena K. June 14, 2009 (Photo courtesy of Dimitar) 

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