Leah V. -- Massachusetts, U.S.A.-- lv2024 (at) barnard.edu

I am an observant, yeshiva-educated Jew who is struggling to find the right context in which to be a light to the nations

I have come to realize more and more that Torah law (including Noachide law) must be a central piece in any Jewish teaching purporting to bring people closer to God. Therefore, I am deeply impressed by the fact that the Noachide system (expressed so beautifully by the Rainbow Covenant Foundation) has been able to convince believers of the centrality of righteous living according to the Torah's universal divine law, a centrality which most forms of Christianity sadly neglect or misinterpret. I am also pleasantly surprised that this unique Noachide faith has enabled many Gentiles to find the pure connection with God that they had previously lacked in other religious contexts, including in born-again Christianity. I want to learn more about the development of the Noachide movement, especially as it comes under the supervision of the renewed Jerusalem Sanhedrin. I support Noachides with all my heart and would like to contribute to their welfare in any way I can.

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